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The definition of insanity is  "doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein

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Bold Actions Will Define Your Company's Future 

Be Bold, Contact A Sales Expert*

Saratoga Sales Consulting exists to solve the critical sales and profit growth issues facing our clients. Our primary difference from other boutique sales consulting firms is that we are true sales experts. While most sales consultants do not have the breadth of knowledge and experience gained from corporate and small business management, and the synergies with field sales, inbound, outbound, product management, digital marketing, direct mail marketing and the operations groups. We offer some immediate sales solutions as well as longer term sales and profit growth strategies. We are faster, cheaper, and more effective than almost any other sales consulting firm you may consider. You can put some sales growth ideas to work and get results almost immediately.

The following content includes 10 strategic sales questions that you should consider and 10 ideas to grow sales and profit. Please read our website content and send us a comment, ask a question or call us. Thanks for visiting.

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10 important sales questions to consider when creating your sales strategy (There are many more).

  1. What are your company's short term and long term sales and profit targets?

  2. How does that compare to previous years? 

  3. Are you satisfied with current trended and forecasted  future sales and profit growth

  4. How can your business improve its close rate for sales leads and other sales opportunities? 

  5. How accurate is your company's sales pipeline?

  6. What is your company's sales process? Is there one?

  7. What percentage of your sales team hits sales targets?

  8. How are these top sales producers different from the underachievers?

  9. What is the turnover for the sales team? Acceptable, too high, too low?

  10. Does your company employ a true sales expert to help plan and execute a sales strategy or could you use some outside support?

10 sales growth suggestions when creating a sales strategy. (There are many more than these).

  1. Create a sales strategy and share with employees

  2. Follow a sales process (few companies do)

  3. Introduce a lead management program that focuses the company's salespeople on the most lucrative new customer opportunities. This takes significant expertise

  4. Evaluate your current sales and sales management team's talent. Recognize top performers

  5. Attempt to "turnaround underperformers" with effective coaching. Terminate their employment or find a non-sales job if they cannot achieve sales targets. 

  6. Coach each individual salesperson at least once per week. Coach each individual sales manager, sales director, or sales VP at least once per week.

  7. Make sure the coaching sessions discuss accountability and performance vs KPI's.

  8. Review each individual salesperson's sales plan (how will they hit activity and revenue goals? 

  9. Target prospective customers based upon expected selling costs, time to close, potential revenue, and any other relevant ROI focused criteria. 

  10. Train your sales team regularly. Consider replacing underperformers with more capable salespeople before investing in this initiative.

For faster sales growth, be bold!

"The Fear of Loss is Greater Than The Desire For Gain"

- Zig Ziglar

Do you need sales and profit growth support?
  1. Identify cultural and tactical roadblocks holding back sales growth.
  2. Consider unique sales strategies and/or sales tactics used by competitors or companies outside your industry
  3. Become proactive finding professional support if needed
Have you thought about finding help to identify new sales growth opportunities that will deliver greater ROI than 10 times your investment? If so, be sure to contact us

Some of our solutions include:

  1. Showing how to hire salespeople who will not fail at a 90% success rate

  2. Little known facts about how sales managers can improve sales performance

  3. How a CXO or CEO can improve sales performance with executive sales consulting and/or coaching

  4. How to increase sales while lowering selling costs

  5. How to use sales talent analytics to hire salespeople and evaluate your existing sales team

Make a Bold, Smart Move and Contact Saratoga Sales Consulting for the support you need and gain effective, high ROI strategic sales planning and executing sales growth tactics

  1. Challenge your company's status quo

  2. Strive for change in business and sales strategy

  3. Identify roadblocks holding back sales growth

There are many sales growth tactics we can discover based upon your company's unique attributes. Let's discuss your company's situation and sales growth goals.

Contact Us  for a 30 minute (or less) complementary Sales Consulting Session.

Free consultation is for business leaders (CEO's,CXO's, Presidents, Owners). Sessions will be conducted by phone or Microsoft Teams. If you provide your name and email address, we will respond promptly. Grow your company faster starting today. Find out how

As a bonus, we will provide immediate sales growth ideas that you can apply to your sales team's activities as early as tomorrow.

*Sales Expert? When a business or sales professional claims to be a "sales expert", ask that individual "What is your specific expertise? Most of these so-called experts are usually specialists in specific disciplines like "sales training", sales coaching, sales management or sales strategy.  They typically rely on limited tools or training to handle other areas of sales strategy. They lack the intuition and breadth of experience necessary to provide a complete strategic sales solution. Saratoga Sales Consulting offers the breadth of experience and sales (including sales through marketing channels) expertise to CEO's, owners, and presidents in all sales disciplines. Learn more

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