Use this method to manage a field sales team to greater sales growth without expensive sales training

Manage Field Sales Activity

  • Follow our guidelines

  • Prepare your field sales team for success

  • Sales training is essential to the long term sales success of any company. This is a sales management technique that all field sales organizations should practice. It is a simple concept that requires minimal training and consistent sales coaching from your sales managers

  • Activity leads to sales. Exceptional activity can lead to exceptional results; even with an average salesperson*

Manage your sales team to adhere to a disciplined, defined activity plan each day. Here's how:

  • Set daily, weekly, and monthly activity goals for each individual sales person

    • Activity goals should lead to achieving specific objectives like number of:

      • dials made 

      • contacts with a decision maker

      • meetings scheduled 

      • meetings or presentations

      • proposals or quotes

      • sales closed 

      • and other activities that you may find relevant

  • Track individual activity goals for each salesperson by each period​

  • Celebrate successes in achieving activity goals

  • Coach salespeople who fall short of achieving these goals with direction to get on track. Be positive

  • After successfully tracking activity goals for a period of time, determine amount of activity necessary to achieve objectives like meetings scheduled, sales closed, etc.


Sales Strategies Supporting Sales Plan Activity

  1. Make sure the sales force uses a CRM system and captures all their activity so that they (and you) can track their activity

  2. Once you understand the sales activity necessary for each salesperson to close a sale, develop a forecast system based upon sales activity

  3. Use the sales activity forecast to help plan and manage your sales goals by day, week, month, and year

  • *A below average salesperson will not achieve success in any typical sales organization
  • an average salesperson possesses enough Sales DNA, Will to Sell and other sales competencies necessary to be successful. Sales DNA and Will to Sell scores below certain levels indicate almost certain failure of an individual.
Follow a Sales Process

Don't let your company be one of the 85% of all businesses with a sales force that doesn't follow a sales process. Follow a sales process, track activity, and you will see phenomenal sales improvements in your company

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