How To Find Salespeople

  1. Write a job description that emphasizes "must have" job requirements. "Must haves" help eliminate unqualified applicants. Use the description to advertise and search for candidates on a top job site. Contact us for a recommendation if you'd like a suggestion.

  2. Use a sales assessment tool. Select only those candidates that are recommended, and set up a brief phone interview. Don't be fooled by psychological tests or behavioral tests claiming to be a sales assessment that can predict sale performance. They are ineffective. 

  3. Contact recommended candidates by phone, challenge their qualifications and select candidates that you want to hire for a first interview.  Make round 1 of the interviews count and prepare to sell your company to the candidates you like in round 1. Use round 2 to convince the candidate to work for your company. Sell your company! Good luck. 

Don't Rely on Luck to Find a Top Producing Salesperson. 


Find out how to hire salespeople who will hit their sales targets and make several hundred thousand extra sales dollar per new hire

Hiring salespeople who can sell and will sell is critical to a sales organization's successful performance. Yet, most companies rely on ineffective hiring techniques and 3/4 of new hires fail*. That's expensive

There is a 92% probability of success*.  There is a 92% probability that you will acquire a top producer if you hire a salesperson using our recommended process for hiring and on-boarding new sales hires.
  1. Most New Sales Hires Fail. 77% of all new salespeople hired fail; meaning they leave within 6 months or they do not achieve their sales target*

  2. A sales candidate, who is hired because of a great resume and an excellent interview, will fail more often than succeed

  3. In order to achieve great success from hiring any new sales candidates, you need a recruiting process that is very different from the method used for hiring non-sales personnel. You need one that identifies candidates with these critical attributes:

    1. Sales DNA - ability to handle rejection, comfortable talking about money, able to control emotions, and 3 other sales competencies​

    2. Will to Sell - Does the candidate not only have the desire to be successful, but will that  individual commit to do whatever it takes to be successful? 

    3. Past experience and sales training - this is the easiest attribute to measure during a typical interview with an experienced sales management executive. These are also the least important competencies, and the one is often measured during a typical sales candidate recruiting process. Hire this person without strong Sales DNA or Will to Sell at your risk. A person without sales experience and training but high Sales DNA and Will to Sell will deliver stronger performance. 

Learn more how OMG's sales candidate assessments and our recruiting methods will help you increase sales and lower recruiting and training costs. Sign up for a free trial with no obligation or advance payment required. This is an amazing tool to help you hire the sales talent that you need for sales success. We work with internal and outside recruiters. 

Keep your current sales recruiters
Whether you hire an outside firm to find salespeople or your company's personnel perform the sales candidate searches, you can keep your sales recruiter. Or, we can either recommend a sales recruiting firm or help you ourselves. 

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*Saratoga Sales Consulting is a Proud Partner of management consulting firm, OMG, producer of the #1 Ranked Sales Candidate Assessment for 8 Consecutive Years. These tools have been used by more than 10,000 companies over  20 years with great 93%  success. Any data about hiring statistics is supplied by OMG. Please contact us if you'd like to learn more about how we can help you hire only top producers and avoid expensive hiring mistakes. We are certified to provide these assessments and train you on the leading methods to recruit sales candidates. We'll work with your internal or external sales recruiters to hire the best sales candidates. If you need sales recruiting assistance, we can help you find the right salespeople.