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Your Salesforce Has Tremendous Sales Growth Strategies.

Achieve an incremental sales increase of between 30% to more than 100%

Find Out How Saratoga Sales Consulting Can Help Convert Your Companies Sales Growth Potential into Real Sales Growth!

"If you want to be a good-to-great company, you have to first put the right people on the bus, get the wrong people off the bus and get the right people into the right seats.  Then you can drive the bus anywhere.” Jim Collins, author of "Good to Great"


-70 % of salespeople are ineffective

-95 % of sales managers are ineffective coaches

-The wrong salespeople are hired 77% of the time

Fix this and grow! This is a great sales growth opportunity for these businesses! Any improvement in the 3 bullet points in yellow will lead to sales growth. If the applicable companies improve these and develop real sales strategies, they will achieve dramatically greater sales growth! We can help!

Understand Your Sales Team's Sales Talent

  1. Do your salespeople possess the Sales DNA necessary to be successful? In other words, can they sell?

  2. Do they have the will to do what it takes (legally) to be successful in a sales or sales manager role? 

  3. Are your salespeople in the right sales roles?

Find out which of your salespeople can perform two, three or even four times better! 

  1. Identify which salespeople have the potential to become top producers

  2. Learn what you must do in order to help high potential salespeople achieve rock star top sales performance

  3. Find out how manage the sales team effectively enough to realize substantial sales growth

Follow Sales Growth Strategies to Manage Salespeople Who Don't Hit Their Sales Quota

  1. If they have strong sales DNA and Will to Sell - Develop them with sales coaching

  2. If they have low sales DNA or low will to sell - Reassign or fire them

  3. If they have low sales DNA or low will to sell, but are hitting their sales targets, understand their future potential is limited - These salespeople typically work a large account or group of long term customers and generate few, if any, new customers. Be conservative on new initiatives with these individuals.

Our methods are unbiased

We use science to understand an individual or sales team's sales talent. We are one of a limited group of companies certified to provide you an unbiased, science based approach to understanding your company's sales effectiveness and making the right recommendations to get you 30% to more than 100% extra sales growth. 

Action Item: Create a strategic roadmap to sales success with more effective sales strategies to make better use of your company's sales talent, systems, processes and other resources.

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