Hire Better Salespeople

How much would your company's revenue increase over the next year if 92% of Your New Sales Hires become top producers?

Approximately 75% of New Salespeople Fail. What is the Opportunity Cost of Replacing  Salespeople Vs. Hiring Right the First Time?

Don't Let an Exaggerated Resume, Reference or Likeable Candidate Lead You to Hire the Wrong Salesperson

  1. Have you ever heard someone called a "born salesperson?" Most likely, you have. But, it's not true. In fact, some of the most successful salespeople are introverts. Personality does not make a successful salesperson. 

  2. What about Personality tests? No way. Have you read these tests? These tests and behavioral tests don't determine an ability to handle rejection, desire, commitment or other competencies necessary for sales success.

  3. Did you know sales recruiters cannot determine the success of any prospective sales candidates any better than you? They find sales candidates and perform many other valuable services. They cannot predict future success of a sales candidate. In fact, our sales candidate assessment makes their job more difficult, because it will reject candidates before any interviews, saving you unneccessary interview time and the cost of a bad hire. 

Increase Sales  By Hiring Effective and Motivated New Sales Candidates

Hire Only Salespeople Who Will Become Top Producers and Avoid Expensive Hiring Mistakes. We Offer a Hiring Tool by OMG, the Top Performing Sales Candidate Assessment for 9 Straight Years. 

Evidence Proves it Works
  • 92% of Hired Candidates Recommended by Our Sales Assessment Reach the  Top 50% of Salespeople within 12 Months        


  • 75% of Candidates Flagged "Not Recommended", But HIred Anyway, Failed Within 6 Months     
Find Out Why 10,000 Companies Have Used OMG's Sales Assessment. Try before you buy. 


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