Not every business can find or afford to hire "A" level salespeople. These people command the highest salary and bonus opportunities. If your company is willing to pay out high salaries, then go for it. If not, don't waste your time trying to hire these proven top producers. Not only that, there is no guarantee that they will be top producers at your company. Hire good sales people and make them "A" producers. Convert your own salespeople into "A" producers.  How do you do that? With solid sales management. 

If you need to find some great salespeople, read this article for ideas

Your sales management plan should:

  • Make sure the sales team follows the sales cycle from the pre-approach stage all the way to the post-sale follow-up. This is very important. Salespeople tend to make mistakes that lead to missed opportunity without this discipline. Here's a description of the sales cycle that I like, from Red's. Or Google "sales cycle" for other descriptions. Seek sales training if you don't understand the sales cycle or contact us.

  • Identify your best customers and your ideal prospective customers or prospects.

  • Rank your ideal customers and prospects from 1 to 5 and focus on the #1 rated potential buyers. Then the second ranking, then the third, etc. For more information on this, check out our page on contact strategy. 

Follow these tips, and you will see more positive activity and sales growth fast. To learn more about how Saratoga Sales Consulting can help you:

  • manage your sales team

  • coach you or your sales team

  • find new sales people with the will and skill to be great or

  • convert your existing sales people into high perfomers or 

  • any other strategic or management assistance that you need to help grow your business

Contact us today or Set up a phone meetingRemember, we offer sales management, strategy, advice and coaching to help you grow. Complimentary first consultation for owners, CEO's and presidents.

Important Summary

Coach your sales team to follow the sales cycle and speak with the candidates that are most likely to buy from you and your company will see fantastic growth. There are many more techniques with sales management, but the two above are crucial. These two changes will produce a higher ROI than a sales training program. It won't cost you much money to implement the plan. If you'd like more information with no obligation to use any of our paid services, Contact us for a complimentary phone session. Remember, follow these guidelines, and you will have a more effective sales team than most U.S. companies of all sizes.

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