Your sales management plan must include coaching to a "sales cycle". 

  • Make sure the sales team follows the sales cycle from the pre-approach stage all the way to the post-sale follow-up. This is very important. Salespeople tend to make mistakes that lead to missed opportunity without this discipline.

  • Here's a description of a typical sales cycle that I have used for some sales organizations. Some organizations utilize more complex sales cycles. That said, this one can be very effective for your company.

  • Seek sales training if you don't understand the sales cycle or contact us.


Follow these tips, and you will see more positive activity and sales growth fast. To learn more about how Saratoga Sales Consulting can help you:

  • manage your sales team

  • coach you or your sales team

  • find new sales people with the will and skill to be great or

  • convert your existing sales people into high perfomers or 

  • any other strategic or management assistance that you need to help grow your business

Important Summary About the Sales Cycle

Coach your sales team to follow the sales cycle and speak with the candidates that are most likely to buy from you and your company will see fantastic growth. There are many more important sales management techniques. However, this is critical. Coach your sales managers to follow a sales cycle. This is a high ROI, low-cost exercise. You can train the sales manager to teach the sales team or train the entire sales team. If you want a recommendation of the right sales trainer. contact us, and we'll find one for you. It won't cost you much money to implement the plan.


CEO"S: Feel free to contact us for a complimentary phone session. Remember, if your company's sales team does not follow a sales cycle, you are losing too many sales. 

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Sales Strategy: All Salespeople Should Follow a Sales Cycle

Coach your sales team to follow a sales cycle and they will close a higher percentage of their sales calls; and you will make more money