Improve  Management Effectiveness

Increase sales and lower company costs by asking Saratoga Sales Consulting to help you manage your company more effectively. Make better decisions

  • Have a strategy

  • Use technology for competitive advantage

  • Have a plan for all disciplines like sales, marketing, operations, I.T. and more

  • Have a management and meeting plan

  • Hire the best employees

  • Build their skills

  • Retain your best employees'

  • Identify underperformers who either cannot or will not be successful at their job and reassign or replace

If we work with you on various sales consulting initiatives, feel free to ask us for some general management discussions. We are experienced and knowledgeable business generalists who not only understand how to grow a business, but also understand how to run a company

General Management - Saratoga Business Consulting can help you make money and ease your stress by participating in any major business decisions that you need to make. In addition to helping create a more effective company sales strategy, we can act as a consultant and provide some planning services. Or, we can be an advisor who you can "bounce ideas off". If we don't have an answer for you, we can find someone to get the answer or assistance that you want

Sales Management - Whether you need help with sales planning, managing your sales manager (or VP), supervision, hiring, compensation, motivation, or recruiting, we have the capability to meet your needs. We have an "immediate" sale planning service to focus on fast results, plus a longer term strategic planning service. You can also use us for more limited purposes, in an advisory capacity, to "bounce ideas" off us as part of creating a final solution

Marketing Management - We have solid expertise in working with employees in product management, product development, digital marketing, direct marketing, lead management, and more. We can help you with planning or on an advisory capacity

Financial Management - We have the resources to develop the right financial strategy for your business. Our focus is on growth investments and cutting costs on initiatives that don't deliver a suitable return on investment

Recruiting - We can assist with the recruiting process. Whether you need help defining the position, writing a description, interviewing, selecting the right candidate or onboarding, we are there to assist you. We also can provide full service recruiting services which include finding the right candidates for your company. We are sales talent experts
Christopher M. Wallace
CEO Sales Coach
Business Consultant

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