Christopher Wallace

I started Saratoga Sales Consulting to focus on what I do best; find profitable sales opportunities that owners and executives cannot find on their own. This is my passion, and I'm good at it. 

Chris Wallace viewing Pittney Meadows

I moved to Saratoga Springs, NY to restore a division of a Fortune 1000 company to sales growth and profitability. Mission accomplished. Although I moved here in 2009, I feel that I've been a Saratogian my entire life. This is a picture of me watching the sunset from my back deck. Rather than move to the next job as head of sales and marketing, I've chosen this lifestyle. My job is helping companies like yours find more sales. Come visit Saratoga Springs, NY. Enjoy the many attractions. Spend money in our lovely city. And say hello to me. 

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  • My professional goal is to enrich my clients and their employees with higher incomes and a robust feeling of accomplishment by helping them find more opportunities to increase sales through:

    • acquiring more customers

    • retaining more customers

    • increasing sales per customer

        in any sales channel.

  • My personal goal is to remain in Saratoga Springs with my family as I change the lives of my clients and their families. 

  • I made a career from finding "untapped sales", creating strategic sales plans and often managing plan execution to goal achievement.  

  • I'm proud of the big financial contributions to past employers and clients, and the legacy that these achievements left behind.

  • Saving jobs, creating jobs, delivering financial rewards for others. Its been amazing.