Cut Selling Costs As a Percentage of Sales

Some Recent Outcomes
I have led hundreds of sales cost reduction campaigns. Here are some interesting payouts. 
  • Reduced advertising costs from $30 million to $22 million and achieved its sales target for the first time in several years

  • Found $1.2 million incremental sales,  while reducing lead generation expenses 

  • Led 10 point sales team performance increase with 10 percent fewer people

  • Identified double-digit percentage increases on CTR and conversion rates

  • Identified double digit direct mail response gains

  • Reduced new product sales costs by more than 10%

  • And, many many more

My Expertise Delivers Results
Sales Report

Want to find your company's hidden and untapped sales? Then schedule a "Free 1 Hour Consultation today! All it costs is your time (and mine). 


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As an all channel sales expert who has P&L operating experience, I can connect with the operations, finance, technology, sales, marketing and executive teams to help identify inefficient components to a sales strategy and fix or improve them.

Some areas we may review:

  • Your income statement and costs 

  • Sales culture

  • Sales strategy and reporting

  • Customer acquisiton and retention strategy by channel.

  • Your management of the sales cycle; referral generation, call preparation, call introduction, needs analysis, presentation, closing, objection handling, order process, post sales activity. 

  • Sales automation activity

  • Sales management procedures

  • Creative and messaging.

  • Lead generation and management

  • ROI by campaign and channel

  • and much, much more