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  • Saratoga Sales Consulting  can help you manage sales strategies and best sales practices to grow your business by 30% to 100%; maybe more"

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3 Critical Sales Tips to Success

  1. Have a sales strategy

  2. Incorporate best sales practices

  3. Get the sales team to follow a sales process*

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* 80* of all companies do not follow a sales process per OMG.  Most companies have a defined process to run the other departments (accounting/finance, operations, I.T, etc), but not the sales organization 

How Saratoga Sales Consulting Differentiates from Other Firms

You won't find another sales expert with as extensive knowledge and breadth of experience who can understand your company's entire business needs, while helping your business achieve its sales growth potential.  


Many sales consulting firms employ people who have never faced the decisions that a business owner, CEO, President or sales management executive encounters. They don't have the extent of sales, marketing, management, finance or operations experience necessary to truly leverage all the sales growth opportunities that exist at your company

Saratoga Sales Consulting is owned by Christopher Wallace, who has restored many companies to above industry average sales growth. He was an award winning sales representative, district sales manager, national sales manager, VP of sales and marketing, CEO and GM. He was the head of sales and 6th employee for a startup that achieved the #12 ranking on the INC 500. He also bought a 10 employee company and sold it after 5 years. He understands the many challenges facing, business owners, CEO's and presidents. You can call him at anytime.

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Christopher M. Wallace


CEO Sales Coach

Sales Growth Consultant

Chris is a great combination of "old school" and new, game-changing ideas. He is old school in terms of knowing the skill of selling and sales management, and how to make the sales that other people cannot make - how to get to the real needs of the client and present a solution that makes sense. He understands that selling is hard work and he knows how to drive sales through excellent sales management. Chris' visionary approaches to marketing and business exposure, though, are even more impressive to me. He truly knows how to build an organization in today's highly socialized marketing world.

M.B.  CCS - Florida

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