When you don't have the time or inclination to manage a sales team

Get enthusiastic! You just identified a chance to get more sales fast! Our part-time sales management services are perfect for the overworked executive who just doesn't have the time. background or inclination to manage and maximize the performance of the company's sales channels. You work hard to run your company. You deserve a business with knowledgeable sales people, who have the goals, direction, accountabilities, and tools to make them and your company successful. Your sales team doesn't need expensive training to be more successful. They need a low-cost defined process to direct and hold them accountable. Follow this criteria and you will see substantial incremental growth

You'd like some help with your sales management efforts

You want to manage your sales team, but would like some help with planning, infrastructure, advice, or coaching. We can provide you with the support you need to create an even more successful business. Before you invest in any expensive sales training and all the time you need to support this training, contact us to see how we can help you create a selling process and sales coaching system that you and your sales team can follow. You will see almost immediate sales results from our process. 

Customized for You - Sessions by phone, Skype, or In-person

Working with Saratoga Sales Consulting is easy. Consultations are customized to your specific needs. Some clients meet only a few hours per month, using our one hour business meetings, or sales consulting and coaching. Others want  more support. We can help you achieve immediate growth, and/or build for long term growth. Get advice or help with key functions like; sales management, performance management, recruiting and hiring, meeting strategy, budgeting, strategic sales planning, cost cutting, sales automation and any other sales function.

Act Now

Contact us today for a complimentary first meeting,  and find out how Saratoga Sales Consulting can help you grow your business. Or, schedule a phone meeting .

*Complimentary sessions are exclusively reserved for presidents, CEO's and business owners 

Christopher M. Wallace
CEO Sales Coach & Consultant

Sales Strategies to Boost Your Company's Growth

Effective Sales Strategies Produce Faster Sales Growth

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