Business Team 2

Sales Strategy

Turn Research into an Actionable Plan

Step 2: Planning and Development

Start with the Most Powerful Sales Assessment Tool Described in Step 1, Research

Our research process will save you time and money on strategic planning and deliver a far more detailed analysis than is possible using traditional laborious methods. We use this precise, data driven research of your company, free of human bias, and craft our action plan.


We evaluate 21 specific sales core competencies within your business and find: 

  • Opportunities to leverage your strengths for even more gain. Most businesses do not completely optimize their strengths, and spend valuable resources on less successful initiatives. We look to divert resources to higher ROI opportunities to produce financial gain doing more of what you do best.​

  • Cost Cutting opportunities by eliminating unnecessary spend on resources that will not produce an expected return

  • Opportunities to focus on areas identified for improvement and strategize around these opportunities. This gets fun. Often, we find opportunities for Immediate Sales Growth. Some call this "the low hanging fruit". We recommend an ROI focused approach on initiatives that could be as simple as more effective lead management or greater emphasis on adhering to a sales cycle. You must prioritize and focus on the best opportunities that increase the likelihood that your company will achieve or exceed financial targets. Here are some solid criteria to consider prioritizing and focus on the best initiatives.

  1. Risk - What is the cost (if incremental) to implement? What is the expected ROI?

  2. Time - How much time is necessary to achieve ROI? Do I need a quick return?

  3. Internal Resources - What would my employees and other resources be producing on this initiative vs the alternative?​ What is the expected gain?

Ultimately, you can find lots of opportunity for sales and profit growth. If your staff gets involved in the strategic planning, that would be great. 

Be assured that by going through this process, you will enjoy great success in the coming years, provided you create an execution plan and stick to it. 

And, of course, we can help with execution.