Create a Winning Sales Strategy


To Grow Your Business:

1. Customize Your Sales Strategy Using Two Key Categories

A.  Target the right customers and prospective customers (prospects)
B. Create a sales strategy that optimizes:
  1. Identify your most profitable existing customers

    • Remember to calculate total sales less all expenses, including selling expenses. Sometimes selling expenses correlate with specific customer characteristics like decision maker's title, company industry, size, location, or infrastructure.

  2. Identify prospective new customers that are most likely to become higher profit customers. Some targeting may require some deeper analytics. If you want a source for targeting, feel free to ask us.

  1. Salespeople - hiring, training, managing

  2. Processes - defining how salespeople should sell

  3. Sales Systems - operating and supporting the sales organization

2. Create a Strategy to Grow Your Company

Evaluate the sales force, understand the people, the current sales processes (some call it sales cycle) and how your selling system operates. Chances are, your sales organization does not follow a disciplined selling process and a consistent system. In fact, 80% of all companies do not follow a sales process. Once you evaluate and understand your sales organization, it it is time to create a sales strategy that optimizes how your company uses its people, processes and systems. We use a unique sales force evaluation system that creates a thorough strategic roadmap to follow. It is proven effective by more than 27,000 companies to date. Want to learn learn more about the salesforce evaluation?


Transform the sales organization by using the sales force evaluation to develop a strategy that incorporates your new knowledge  about the sales growth potential of every member of your sales team. Understand key attributes about your sales personnel, like Sales DNA, that indicates their potential for sales success with the right opportunity and support. Use your new understanding about your sales team's adherence to a sales process and how to improve the process. Find out more about the sales management process and its effectiveness. Understand how the sales organization's system, both technical and non-technical, can be used more effectively. Ideally, find out how to increase sales while lowering selling costs. 

3. Select the Best New Sales Candidates

Increase sales and lower turnover and recruiting costs - 75% of recommended new sales hires achieve a top 50% ranking within 12 months. 

  • Select the best sales candidates using the #1 ranked sales candidate assessment tool for 8 consecutive years.

  • Choose among our other hiring services as needed

    • Finding sales candidates using the most powerful databases

    • Conduction the initial telephone interview screen and sending qualified candidates to you

    • Developing onboarding strategies for your new sales candidates. We recommend a minimum 90 day initial program.

    •  We even train your people to recruit salespeople more effectively. We are certified by OMG for both the sales candidate assessment services and the sales recruiting training. 


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