A Winning Sales Strategy

Step 1: Research 


We recommend a scientific approach to the research phase, unbiased by human intervention
This research evaluates the people, processes and systems and measures your company's 21 sales core competencies. These are grouped as:
  • Tactical 

  • Systems and strategies

  • The will to sell

  • Sales DNA

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This powerful research is used to produce a powerful sales strategy

The World's Most Powerful  Sales Force Evaluation Model Is offered by Objective Management Group (OMG). OMG is an independent, unbiased 3rd party that has delivered this incredible  research to more than 20,000 sales organizations worldwide through fewer than 200 licensees like us. 

It includes  a 100+ page report that measures 21 Sales Core Competencies and Calculates Your Company's Growth Potential. This Report Will Provide the Roadmap for a Strategy to Achieve that Growth; All Within 30-45 Days.

This sales evaluation is the quickest and most productive method to research and build an effective sales strategy. The report replaces any biased research that a consultant may provide, is much more precise, and only requires 45 days to administer the applicable surveys, compile the results and present them to you. 

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