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Step 3: Tactics and Execution

Careful: You may have a great plan, but you need to execute every day. How will you manage that? CEO's typically under-manage the execution

​You've done the research and written a strategic sales plan. The tactics must include 3 primary executional strategies. 

1.     An action plan outlining the financial goals, tactical responsibilities, and accountabilities of the entire sales team, including the support staff and other stakeholders. All stakeholders must understand expectations of them and get the necessary direction to achieve their objectives. This is the deliverable from the strategic sales planning process and is often not delivered effectively to all stakeholders. External or internal coaching support can correct this.  The action plan includes the systems and processes necessary to achieve objectives

2.     An analytical plan including technology and other systems and processes necessary to achieve company objectives. The actual systems and technology were defined in the strategic plan. Tactically, these systems and processes must follow a disciplined approach to insure utilization of CRM, forecasting tools and other technological tools. The sales team should adhere to enough meetings according to a planned schedule to ensure that necessary staff receives the necessary consistency, training, coaching, and motivation.

3.     An accountability plan to include a process that insures that all stakeholders are achieving sales objectives, pipelines are completed, CRM is utilized effectively and other measurable activities. Most companies lack the management focus on holding employees accountable, which is a big mistake. Hold the people accountable effectively, and the company and sales personnel will enjoy a big bonus. Again, this can be supported internally or through external coaching. 

The Next Step

We hope our brief sales strategy overview was  useful. Every company should have a business strategy that includes a sales strategy. Many business owners do not focus enough attention on a complete sales strategy. It requires a discipline and expertise that does not occur naturally within most people. If your company has experienced sales leaders with the backgrounds necessary to create a great strategy, manage sales processes and a sales team, you are very fortunate. If no, give us a call at 1-518-879-6428, email us, or set up an appointment for a free one-hour consultation. We offer strategic support for as little as 2 hours per month. 

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