Follow this Process to Prepare Your Sales Team for Success

Manage your sales team to adhere to a disciplined, defined sales process all day, and as soon as they start the day. Here's how:

  • Set daily, weekly, and monthly activity goals for each individual sales person, plus the overall team

    • Activity goals should lead to achieving specific objectives like sales or appointments made

  • Track activity goals daily, weekly, monthly or by whatever time period you determine useful

  • Celebrate successes in achieving activity goals

  • Coach salespeople who fall short of achieving these goals with direction to get on track. Be positive

More Sales Strategy Advice

Some popular activity goals include: number of telephone dials, telephone contacts made with a decision maker, phone presentations, appointments scheduled, meetings attended, presentations, closes, and follow up work. 


Make sure the sales force uses a CRM system and captures all their activity so that they (and you) can track their activity and potentially create a forecast. Contact us for some FREE ADVICE anytime. 

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