Turn Average Salespeople into Strong Producers without Expensive Sales Training

Coach your sales team to follow a specific sales plan using these Sales Activity Goals.

  1. First, coach each individual salesperson to set daily, weekly, and monthly activity goals for each individual sales person. Follow SMART goal logic meaning they must be specific, measurable, actionable, reasonable, and time based.

    • Activity goals should lead to achieving specific objectives like:

      • dials

      • contacts

      • appointments made

      • meetings held

      • plus many other activities leading to a sale or result

  2. Track actual results vs the activity goals daily, weekly, monthly or by whatever time period you determine useful

  3. Celebrate successes with individual salespeople and the sales team upon successful achievement of activity goals. Coach salespeople who fall short of achieving these goals with direction to get on track. Accountability is a must. Be positive

More Sales Strategy & Advice

What other sales activity goals should you measure. Want some ideas? Check out my article on the sales cycle.


Make sure the sales force uses a CRM system and captures all their activity so that they (and you) can track their activity and potentially create a forecast. Contact us for some FREE ADVICE anytime. 

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