The Solar Sales Cycle

This solar sales cycle applies to a sales call with pre-set appointments. There is no prospecting component. 


The content below is my version of the sales cycle for solar power. There are so many variations and definitions for a sales cycle, I recommend that you use the terminology and structure best suited for your business. For more info: Google "Sales Cycle" or Contact Me

  1. Pre call preparation or Preapproach - Prepare for your visit

  2. Approach - This refers to the initial greeting and some additional qualifying to validate the purpose of the call with the customer and confirm the opportunity

  3. Needs Analysis - This is a dialog with the customer speaking most of the time. Your job is to continue to ask relevant questions that keep the conversation going as you gather valuable information for your presentation and close. In addition, you should find an opportunity to create a sense of urgency, like "special offer" or "start saving money on your power right away" or whatever you uncovered that gets your prospect excited

  4. Presentation - If you did a thorough job on the needs analysis, you will find the presentation to flow very smoothly to a close. The presentation is your opportunity to link the client's needs to your products' benefits

  5. Closing - Prepare to have some decent closing questions utilizing some common close techniques like the "choice of two positive close", the "Ben Franklin Close, and many more.

  6. Objection Handling - I like to refer to this as a final consultation. For a solar sale there may be some lingering technical questions that need clarification

  7. Reclose - Plan to go in a loop back to objection handling and reclose at least one more time

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