The Effectiveness of Your Company's Sales Talent Determines Your Company's Sales Success

"If you want to be a good-to-great company, you have to first put the right people on the bus, get the wrong people off the bus, and get the right people into the right seats.  Then you can drive the bus anywhere.”

Jim Collins, author of "Good to Great"

Saratoga Sales Consulting Provides Sales Talent Management Services 

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Understand answers to these questions and watch your sales team performance improve from good to great!

  1. Does your sales team have enough sales talent to achieve or exceed your sales growth targets?

  2. If all your salespeople started with 0 customers, would the highest earning salespeople still be top producers or is their success derived from "farming" long term customers?

  3. If you want your sales team's performance to go from "good to great", how will you achieve this objective with your current investment in sales talent?

Make your company's sales growth go from "good" to "great". Increase sales without increasing your investment in sales talent. Learn how to decrease your company's selling costs as a percentage of sales with a team of top producers. Fix low producers or "get them off the bus". Get more sales from top producers. If you are a CEO or business owner, please schedule a complimentary consultation with Saratoga Sales Consulting's founder and sales expert, Christopher Wallace. You will acquire valuable information that you can apply to your company's sales strategies immediately. Learn how Saratoga Sales Consulting uses science, plus proven sales strategies and tactics to dramatically improve your company's sales talent. 

Identify salespeople who can double or triple their current sales growth performance. Give them the opportunity to succeed


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