What to Expect From Effective Sales Management

  1. Worry less about managing the sales team, while you run your company.
  2. Make a lot more money - Gain 30% to 100% incremental growth
  3. Recruit and hire more talented salespeople
  4. Improve talent and performance of existing telephone, inbound, and field sales teams
  5. Increase sales productivity: Sell more and spend less on sales channel costs

Sales management support must include:

  1. Consistent sales coaching* and training 

    • 50% or more of management time spent coaching salespeople​

  2. Effective use of CRM and other technology tools

    • low cost and easy to use tools are available​

  3. Accountability for activity and performance metrics (goals)

    • It is amazing how few companies hold their sales team accountable

Most sales teams fail due to:

  1. ineffective sales management

    • nobody managing the sales team

    • not enough time spent with salespeople

    • inadequate sales management knowledge or skill

  2. lack of talent or commitment among salespeople

  3. inadequate systems and processes

Our definitions

  • A sales manager manages salespeople and might manage sales support personnel

  • A sales VP manages sales managers and might manage sales support personnel. Sales VP's typically provide strategic sales support

* You can hire a sales manager or sales VP for less than $100,000/year. These people can supervise a sales team, but they aren't game changers. A great full-time sales manager, who truly understands how to transform a sales team into a group of high producers can cost $150,000 to $180,000  or more. Most of these individuals will not maximize sales performance due to ineffective coaching or sales processes 

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Who is Managing the Sales Asylum? 

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