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Saratoga Sales Consulting will focus on delivering an ROI of  at least 10x a client's investment 

Sales Strategies and Selling Tactics That Work

Our mission is to help companies grow sales faster and lower selling costs. 

About Saratoga Sales Consulting

Established 2014

Helping Small Businesses Make Better Sales Decisons

Saratoga Sales Consulting can take the guesswork (and stress) out of your sales strategy and sales planning activities. 

Just follow a simple sales plan utilizing the latest sales and sales management methods that will produce incremental sales growth of 30% to more than 100%.

We have helped more than 50 businesses enjoy greater sales and profit growth since our founding in 2014.

Christopher Wallace
Founder, CEO Sales coach
and Business Consultant

Some Support You Can Get from Saratoga Sales Consulting

  • Sales Strategies - complete strategies or specific strategies to appeal to a certain need like field sales, telephone sales, lead management, closing more business, developing a sales process, etc.

  • Sales planning - tactical strategies for each individual salesperson and sales manager

  • Sales Training - complete sales training or specific needs

  • Sales Coaching - regular sessions customized for CEO's, sales executives, sales managers, and salespeople. CEO's and sales executives may combine this with sales consulting services

  • Sales Talent Evaluation - Measure the future potential for all existing sales personnel and provide developmental suggestions to maximize their success

  • Sales Candidate Assessments - Use our science to interview only "recommended" sales candidates and you can expect to hire a top sales producer....... Guaranteed

  • Sales Recruiting  Support - Ask us how we can help you find salespeople who will become top producers for your company. We can find and screen candidates for you. You get only salespeople who can and will sell.

  • New Hire Sales Onboarding

  • And More

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