About Saratoga Sales Consulting

Established 2014

Our mission is to help CEO's achieve their company's true sales growth and profit growth potential. 

We helped more than 50 businesses enjoy improved sales and profit growth since our founding in 2014.

Use a sales consulting expert to achieve maximum sales growth

And much more

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You hire a doctor for your health, a dentist for your teeth, a lawyer for legal work, and a CPA for your taxes. "Why not hire a sales expert to help you grow your business?

Expect an ROI of  no less than 10x your investment in our services by:

  1. Using both "old school" and scientific methods to make best use of the money you invest on your salespeople.

  2. Creating a sales plan for the entire company 

  3. Deploying sales management strategies with metrics and accountabilities that improve sales pipeline performance

Christopher Wallace
Founder, CEO Sales coach
and Business Consultant
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