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More than 50% of all salespeople fail. Sometimes it is due to a lack of Sales DNA and other times, it is because of a lack of deploying effective sales strategies. The most effective sales organizations understand the importance of information needed about their sales team to execute effective sales strategies


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  1. Sales Recruiting Training -  Salespeople are very different. They must achieve sales targets or get fired. Their compensation requires sales performance. No other job requires the same personal qualities for success as a sales producing occupation. We refer to these unique qualities as DNA.  Many companies recognize that hiring sales personnel requires different recruiting skills. Some utilize sales recruiters outside the company. Some possess their own sales recruiting personnel. This training is useful for any company that hires sales personnel and would like to learn to select, hire, and successfully onboard sales personnel using a methodology that produces a top salesperson 92% of the time. Learn the most effective methods to hire and retain top producing sales personnel, which will increase your companies sales and lower recruiting and training costs. We are STAR (sales talent acquisition routine) certified by management consulting firm Objective Management Group (OMG)

  2. Sales Candidate Assessments - Recruiters can help you find sales candidates, but do not have the tools necessary to select candidates most likely to succeed. Take the guesswork out of hiring the right people. We offer the only sales candidate assessment that can measure an individuals Sales DNA. It has been the top ranked sales assessment for 8 consecutive years. Saratoga is one of fewer than 200 firms worldwide certified to offer this assessment. 92% of sales candidates recommended by our sales assessment and hired will be top producers in 12 months. Use this predictive analytics tool before hiring any candidates and watch your sales grow and your hiring and training costs decrease

  3. Sales Onboarding - The management and support during the first 90 days of any new sales hire is critical to that individual and your company's success. Most businesses do not leverage the full potential of their sales hires, due to weaknesses in the onboarding process. We can train your sales and human resources staff on ideal sales onboarding practices training as part of our sales recruiting support or as a standalone program. If you would like specific training for developing a 90 day onboarding program for your new hires, we will support you with a full scale program or a supplement your existing onboarding initiatives with strategic or human support. Whether or not you utilize our services, make sure your company executes an onboarding program for new  sales hires. This is a high ROI initiative that will produce more sales and save money on turnover costs. Your onboarding plan should include a sales training plan, product and systems knowledge development and testing, clear expectations the new sales people, and consistent coaching. 

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Evaluate Sales Force Performance

  1. Sales Force Capabilities - Can your sales force actually execute the company’s strategies? Find out by evaluating your company's people, systems, and processes

  2. Sales Force Talent - Do you have the right talent or are they in the right roles? Find out by evaluating the effectiveness of your sales and sales management team. 

  3. Sales Force Deployment - Can you use your company's sales talent more effectively? Definitely. Find out who your hunters and farmers are. Find out who may need a different role. 

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  1. Strategic Sales Planning - Create a written strategic plan that optimizes your company's people, systems, and processes. We recommend you include the management team in the planning process. They will provide valuable input, while you get them to buy in to the plan and hold them accountable to execute the strategy. 

  2. Sales Systems and Processes - 80% of all companies do not follow a formal sales process. Elite performing sales organizations follow a process . The process should define the steps from pre-contact planning through the close and the follow up. It is essential that every prospective customer is qualified and followed through the pipeline to the final result. The process should encompass all necessary steps to achieve results. It must include high ROI sales training to achieve elite results. Your company can achieve elite sales performance by having the right systems and processes in place and using them.

  3. Sales Coaching and Training - Your sales process must include regular sales coaching and training. 95% of sales managers do not coach effectively. Coach each member of your sales team regularly, and you will enjoy more sales growth. Sales managers should spend the majority of their time coaching. CEO's should Emphasize this to sales management

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