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Sales Strategies and Sales Techniques You Can Use Today to Grow Your Business 

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Saratoga Sales Consulting exists to solve the critical sales and profit growth issues facing companies today.

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Sales Management

Optimize Sales & Profit With These Sales Strategies and Sales Techniques

Every company has unrealized sales opportunities, and most executives don't know it. These sales opportunities derive from sales strategies, techniques, and effective execution. 

CEO's, Presidents, Owners: A simple, brief phone or video meeting with us may lead to a sales strategy to some exceptional sales growth for your company. Please read below to help determine what sales growth opportunities your company may have. Feel free to contact us or schedule a meeting to discuss further. Our first discussion is complimentary. It will be a pleasure to meet with you. Have a good day.

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Optimize Sales Management Effectiveness

Is your company's sales manager suited for the position? If not, find a more suitable sales manager. You can use your own resources or we can help in any capacity. Let's assume you have a capable sales manager. Who coaches this sales manager? Ideally, it would be the sales manager's boss. If you need support, find someone who can help your company learn to coach a sales manager or find an outside service. Internal coaching, if effective, is the most logical choice. The sales manager must coach each salesperson at least once per week. More frequent coaching is better. This is a high ROI opportunity for those who don't regularly coach their salespeople at least once per week. Check out "Coaching Tips for Sales Managers" for more information on sales coaching for managers. 

Optimize Sales Talent

Has your company evaluated its sales talent recently? If so, what is the methodology used to determine an individual salesperson's performance? Is sales performance evaluated on annual revenue only? Or, is there a methodology to evaluate future sales growth contributions per salesperson? Although salespeople with high revenue territories are valuable, are they contributing to future sales growth unless they generate new business? What about the non-performers? How is your company managing these performers? What is the accountability process? These and many other questions related to sales talent are critical in order for your company to optimize sales performance with increase sales and profit growth.

Find out more by selecting "Cure Sales Turnover" or "Understand Your Sales Team's Talent."

Optimize Sales Strategies

Most companies do not:

  1. Have a complete sales strategy

  2. Do not follow a sales process or sales cycle

  3. Coach the sales team effectively

Improve your company's performance in any of these areas and you will achieve substantial sales growth. From a low of 15% improvement for slow growth businesses to 100% or more for fast growth businesses (based upon demographics like industry, types of sales channels and more). Check out "Most Companies Do Not Follow the Necessary Steps to Drive Sales", or "We Help CEO's Make Better Sales Decisions".

Optimize Sales Hiring

Does your company hang onto salespeople who underperform? Why is this? There are several reasons mostly driven by fear of some type of loss of revenue or a personal attachment to the individual. These are your company's decisions, and they can be costly. We want you to understand and appreciate that if you replace and add salespeople who will achieve or exceed sales targets, your company will increase sales substantially

Optimize Lead Follow-up and

All companies can generate more sales by focusing a sales team on the best, most profitable opportunities. There is little awareness or focus among senior management regarding the growth opportunities with effective targeting and managing the tactical execution of targeting strategies. Some of the best prospect targeting opportunities can create a 100% increase on lead close rates or more over a 2 or 3 year period. We review two sales growth targeting opportunities below:

  1. Double the sales lead close rate. So  many companies miss the opportunity for closing business that ends up with competitors because the leads were not managed effectively. Many companies rely on salespeople to follow up on leads with little oversight (calling and leaving a voice message is not adequate follow up for the most valuable leads). Many top salespeople do a poor job on lead follow up due to other priorities that have made them successful. Some poor sales performers may be productive on lead follow up than their peers. The opportunity cost for poor lead follow up is massive.

  2. Manage target accounts more effectively. What is your confidence level that the sales team is putting enough effort into focusing on the accounts that will make the most money for your company? Most likely you don't know their day to day activities and the status of many high potential accounts. Coach the sales team to focus on the best sales and profit opportunities experience a fuller pipeline that will lead to incremental sales growth.

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