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Hire Salespeople Who Will Succeed!

92% Success Rate!

Across all companies, 75% of new sales hires fail.* We discovered a process to eliminate sales candidates most likely to fail at their new jobs and select only those that will succeed at a very high (92%) predictive accuracy. This means that if you follow our system, we expect 92% of new salespeople to succeed. Sounds incredible and hard to believe, right? Our results are audited and confirmed annually by an independent firm.

Learn to find and hire salespeople who will hit their sales goals. Use your own sales recruiting team or let us help with partial or full-service support. Find out how to select and hire salespeople who can sell and will sell once they join your company. 

We Guarantee It!

Saratoga Sales Consulting Guarantee
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The wrong salespeople are hired 75% of the time*

Saratoga Sales Consulting believes that having salespeople who have the sales skill and the will to be successful in sales is the most important factor for success. When it is time to replace or add a salesperson, the process of hiring future high performing salespeople is a critically important part of your company's sales strategy and is the least understood by most businesses. Most companies fail to hire strong sales performers. Why? Because:

  1. The accepted standards of hiring and recruiting salespeople is much different from hiring for any other job at a company. Many sales competencies essential for sales success are invisible to the typical recruiting process

  2. An impressive resume, great interview performance, and strong references do not guarantee future success

  3. Past positive sales performance at another company doesn't guarantee future sales success 


Most salespeople are ineffective* - Select salespeople who will be effective

  1. How do you know if the a sales candidate will have the desire, motivation and commitment to be successful in sales at your company? You don't. This is a key reason experienced salespeople fail.

  2. How do you know if the sales candidate is comfortable selling your product or service in your company's environment? You don't

  3. How do you know if the sales candidate can work remotely? In an office? Out in the field effectively? Are they comfortable working with video tools? You may be unsure

It costs too much money, time, and effort to replace salespeople

  1. How Much does a failed sales hire cost your company in lost sales? 

  2. How much does a failed sales hire cost your company in extra recruiting costs?

  3. How much does a failed sales hire cost your company in extra training costs?

Learn To Hire Salespeople Who Will Succeed

Hiring Salespeople Tips
Find Sales Candidates Who Want a New Career 

Find sales candidates using a proven technique that many recruiters fail to use, This could become your "go to" process to find candidates

Select High Skill, High Will Sales Candidates
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Select the people who have the required sales skill and the will to do what it takes to sell successfully at your company.  Conduct an interview.

Follow A New Sales Hire Onboarding Plan For Greater Success
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 Onboard new salespeople effectively to help them launch a successful sales career with your company.

*Definition of failure: new sales hire underachieves or leaves the company in first year. Source of statistics - OMG
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Proven Results!

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We are Product Partners to OMG and their 30+ years of experience
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We use sales talent analytics provided by our partner management consulting firm, OMG. Statistics above comprise results of all partner companies

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