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Christopher started his consulting business in 2014. He produced positive sales and profit growth results for several clients. He survived pancreatic cancer recently. Chris is completely cancer free and fully healthy. His healthcare providers consider his results a miracle.

Chris has an even more positive perspective on life, hope, the will to live, giving back to the community, the sales profession, and more. Chris recently relaunched his business and is off to a solid start. He is looking for one or two more clients. Feel free to contact him to discuss sales or his fight against cancer if it can help you, your company, or someone you care about. 

Certifications and Education

  • MBA - Entrepreneurial Studies

  • BA - Economics

  • Certified Sales Coach

  • Certified Leadership Coach

  • Certified Sales Talent Acquisition Routine

  • Certified to evaluate salespeople and sales leaders

  • Dale Carnegie Leadership

  • Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Leadership

  • and a lot more sales and business training and experiences

About Christopher Wallace

Chris Wallace headshot
Managing Partner
CEO Sales Coach and
Business Consultant
STAR Certfication Badge
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Chris helps CEOs Who Are Not Sales Experts 

and some sales experts who want to discuss ideas

Christopher Wallace Is a Proven Sales Expert. Most sales consulting firms do not offer his breadth of knowledge and experience. He has the sales, sales management, general management, and leadership experience that few business sales consultants possess. He offers his intuition, experience, and acquired skills as a business consultant

He began his career by cold calling prospects to provide sales and marketing consultative services that focused on helping companies sell more of their products or services. He converted this uniquely acquired knowledge about sales and marketing into strong sales and management performance. He achieved  recognition for sales and sales management performance throughout his career. He transitioned into a career in sales management, executive leadership sales and marketing roles, and general management.

His career in management always started with struggling companies that needed a sales boost. He was the 6th employee and the most senior sales executive for a startup telecommunications company that earned the #12 ranking on Inc Magazine's list of fastest growing businesses. He helped turn around 2 struggling industry leading business to business companies as the senior sales and marketing executive. Both these companies achieved industry leading sales growth within 2 to 3 years of his joining them. Chris understands the problems company leaders face. He reported to company CEO's and Presidents for most of his career.

He also owned an award winning , 10-employee marketing communications firm that grew rapidly in his first year of ownership. Clients included Ocean Spray, Sunovian, Terex, Genzyme, Cognex, and some smaller businesses.

His company survived the Great Recession of 2008 and thrived again in 2010, while half his competitors closed down. He sold the company in 2012.

Chris Started Saratoga Sales Consulting in 2014 to Help Companies Grow Sales and Profit

Chris has some specific sales advice to offer clients in this current economic environment regarding sales growth and managing and recruiting salespeople who will work remotely or in more traditional work environments.

Saratoga Sales Consulting exists to:

Solve the critical sales and profit growth issues facing our clients and find sales opportunities that companies miss and will convert into high ROI sales growth and profit contribution. 

You may have heard many consultants call themselves "sales experts". Most of these "sales experts" are trainers, sales coaches or sales managers. They haven't put in the time to lead companies or lead sales and marketing groups on their own. Their agenda is to generate training revenue, sales management or sales coaching revenue. These are important services, but don't expect a complete strategy based upon both intuition and analytics.

Our objective is to focus on what is necessary for your company and you to succeed with greater sales and profit growth. Your business has many undiscovered sales growth opportunities, and we can find them. We use common tools, proprietary tools, and equally important, intuition and experience gained from boosting sales for employers and clients.

Chris Wallace, Managing Partner, gained his breadth of knowledge and critical thinking skills from in the trenches starting a career in sales, moving to sales manager, then to head of sales and marketing and then company officer. He also had general management and controller responsibilities for several years. 

In addition to his experience, Chris earned several certifications to become more effective for clients. In fact, his company is one of a very limited number of businesses that offer a process to help companies hire salespeople at an extremely high rate of success. This process combines his own expertise gained from his career plus training and certifications in sales talent acquisition and sales talent evaluation. What would it be like for your company to have almost every new sales hire succeed at their job? Sales would grow much faster and recruiting/training costs would decrease substantially, right? This is real. He or one of his associates would be glad to show you this system or any other sales growth solution.


Chris is a sales expert*. After one meeting with you, he will have a good idea about some sales growth opportunities to get started on. There is no advanced agenda. The solutions will be unique to your company.

Saratoga Sales Consulting started operations in 2014. We may bring in partners with expertise in various disciplines when needed. Most of these partners are certified through the same management consulting firm as Chris and his associates. 

Our goal is to provide the high ROI results similar to those that our other clients have enjoyed from our contributions. Feel free to contact us or schedule a meeting.

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"I have known Chris for several years. Chris is a great combination of "old school" and new, game-changing ideas. Chris has brought me into work with Amsterdam Printing several times, to help communicate his vision of world class selling for all his sales people. He is old school in terms of knowing the skill of selling and sales management, and how to make the sales that other people cannot make - how to get to the real needs of the client and present a solution that makes sense. He understands that selling is hard work and he knows how to drive sales through excellent sales management. Chris's visionary approaches to marketing and business exposure, though, are eve more impressive to me. Each time I visit, I end up learning a ton from the time I have with him. He truly knows how to build an organization in today's highly socialized marketing world. I am amazed at how many qualified leads he is able to bring into his organization, and then manage the systems that make it easy for clients to order from his company. It has been a pleasure getting to know Chris and I look forward to watching his organizations continue to thrive and grow under his leadership."

M.B. Business Owner 

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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