About Christopher Wallace, owner of Saratoga Sales Consulting

What I Do:


  • I help CEO's, Presidents, and Business Owners achieve their companies' true growth potential​

  • I help CEO's, Presidents and Business Owners make important business decisions and execute their plan in many disciplines like sales, marketing, recruiting, finance and more. My focus is on sales growth

Why I do this: 

  • My goal is to help your company and employees achieve wealth and opportunity through profitable sales growth​

  • I get "charged up about helping companies achieve incredible, profitable sales growth. I'm good at it.

About Me

  • I made a career of helping companies grow as an employee in various sales management, sales and marketing VP, and GM roles.

  • Now I do this for a living to help and support many companies simultaneously. 

  • I'm certified for sales coaching, leadership coaching, sales talent acquisition and sales talent evaluation. This means that I can coach CEO's, sales managers and other executives to manage existing sales personnel and select top sales talent

Saratoga Sales Consulting will focus on delivering an ROI of  at least 10x a client's investment 

Why you should consider working with me: I've proven that companies make money with my support

  • The best sales strategy coordinates with marketing, operations, and finance.

  1. I can coordinate sales strategy with all internal departments of your business

  2. Most sales consultants don't have the breadth of sales, marketing, leadership and P&L management experience that I possess.

  3. This means we can discuss your sales organization and other departments and how it all works together from an organizational and financial perspective


  • I have exceptional (measured through testing) critical thinking skills. This helps transition from opportunities to solutions more naturally from past experiences and training

  • I'm one of 122 partners worldwide licensed to use a proprietary tool that incorporates science into sales force selection and evaluation. This means that I can use science to create a more accurate and precise road map to develop a winning sales strategy at a faster pace and a lower cost

Christopher M. Wallace
CEO Sales Coach & Sales Consultant
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