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What I Do:


My job is to help you achieve your company's growth potential as your sales strategist, advisor and VP sales/sales management consultant. I'll work with you to achieve greater growth, turn around your company or anything else sales related. I'm a CEO sales coach and consultant

Why I do this: 

Most of my career consisted of solving sales growth challenges for my customers, employers, and now, clients. We've had great success. This is the game I love and I'm good at it. My goal is to make positive contributions to my clients and their employees by creating wealth and opportunity through profitable sales growth

Why you should consider working with me:

Most sales consultants don't have the breadth and level of sales, marketing and leadership experience that I possess. My clients have experience many growth and cost saving opportunities from contributions due to this experience


I worked with CEO's and presidents (and their staff) for my entire career. I also was a CEO of my own 10 employee company


Saratoga Sales Consulting will focus on delivering an ROI of  at least 10x a client's investment 

  1. Most sales consultants exist to offer sales training. Not me. I will research and understand the best methodology and tactics to get that sales growth you want. I prefer to start with sales strategy and help you manage the execution of that strategy if you want that support from me. It is very unlikely that sales training would be the first action item to improve your sales. There are too many questions to ask before offering any type of sales training. When the timing for sales training is right, I can recommend a sales trainer with your specific selling objectives or train your team myself. 

    1. The first step is to have a sales strategy that identifies your growth opportunities

    2. Next, evaluates your sales organization

    3. and also find areas to cut costs.

  2. Once you have a roadmap to sales growth, we follow the sales strategies with my help or you can do it with your own team. Or, you can use my CEO Sales Coaching services as an advisor and coach.  You can fund the growth with your cost savings, keep the savings, or invest more into the business. That is your decision

  3. Your growth strategy will be unique to your company. I do not have any solutions in mind for your company until I've spoken with you. When you work with me, we will identify multiple opportunities to grow your business. 


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