About Christopher Wallace 

CEO Sales Coach and Owner of Saratoga Sales Consulting
since 2014
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Certifications and Education

  • MBA - Entrepreneurial Studies

  • BA - Economics

  • Certified Sales Coach

  • Certified Leadership Coach

  • Certified Sales Talent Acquisition Routine

  • Certified Sales Evaluations

  • Dale Carnegie Leadership

  • Digital Marketing Training

  • and More

Thanks for visiting Saratoga Sales Consulting. My personal goal is to help you achieve more growth, while lowering costs, at your business

  1. Your success is my success

  2. If you operate your company without a business plan or sales plan, you are missing out in 30% or more of your potential sales and profit

  3. If you are a business owner, CEO, president or partner, call me anytime to find out what your growth opportunity may be. Any knowledge gained is with my compliments

About me:

After getting my economics degree at the University of New Hampshire, I started selling sales and marketing services to small and medium size companies as a salesperson and sales manager.

  • Those jobs evolved into 3 different executive roles as head of sales and marketing with the task to drive 3 different company's overall sales and profit growth.

  • All 3 businesses achieved above industry average growth.

  • One became the 12th fastest growing company, according to INC Magazine.

  • I managed a P&L with two different companies over a 12 year and period, and I also owned a 10 employee, $1.9 million marketing agency for 5 years.

My value add is due to my breadth of experience, I can help solve more of your sales and business management challenges as an advisor, coach or on a project basis.  I have run very successful companies and I am qualified to run most of my client's companies. Whether you need my firm for a couple hours per month or much more, we can meet your needs, and I can stay connected to all support. This means that I can not only help you generate more business, but also advise in areas like marketing, finance, I.T, operations and human resources.  I prefer to consult and avoid recognition for anything other than being a servant to your success. That said, I can engage with your employees if you want.

Feel free ask about:

  1. increasing growth or restoring your business to sales and profit growth

  2. helping you manage your company more effectively

  3. Managing salespeople and other employees more effectively


and lots more

My ideal client is someone who can develop a rapport with me and understand that my goals are their success. I do not have a plan for your business until we speak. 

My support network is loaded with talented professionals to supplement or enhance any services my firm may provide

Call me to discuss your unique business needs anytime. 

"I have known Chris for several years. Chris is a great combination of "old school" and new, game-changing ideas. Chris has brought me into work with Amsterdam Printing several times, to help communicate his vision of world class selling for all his sales people. He is old school in terms of knowing the skill of selling and sales management, and how to make the sales that other people cannot make - how to get to the real needs of the client and present a solution that makes sense. He understands that selling is hard work and he knows how to drive sales through excellent sales management. Chris's visionary approaches to marketing and business exposure, though, are eve more impressive to me. Each time I visit, I end up learning a ton from the time I have with him. He truly knows how to build an organization in today's highly socialized marketing world. I am amazed at how many qualified leads he is able to bring into his organization, and then manage the systems that make it easy for clients to order from his company. It has been a pleasure getting to know Chris and I look forward to watching his organizations continue to thrive and grow under his leadership."

M.B. Business Owner 

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

References available upon request. I have a 3 year client, who wants to speak to my next prospective client.



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