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Identify and Hire Talented Salespeople Who Can Sell and Will Sell

The #1 Rated Sales Candidate Assessment For 10 Years

Find and Select

  1. Entry Level Sales Candidates

  2. Experienced Sales Candidates

  3. Sales Candidates With Advanced Skills

92% of Sales Candidates Recommended by Our Sales Candidate Assessment and Hired Will Become Top Producers*

Hire Future Top Sales Producers With OMG's Sales Candidate Assessment

As experienced sales executives, we understand the challenges to hiring a "winning sales candidate." In fact, we hired many exciting sales candidates who failed at our companies. Not anymore. Whether these sales hires have significant or little sales experience, most sales hires just don't seem to achieve their sales goals. Why don't they achieve sales success? Because they either do not have the underlying sales qualities necessary or the "will to sell" needed to achieve sales success. We have solved this problem and invite you to learn how much greater success your company can achieve with our sales candidate assessment.


When our Sales Candidate Assessment recommends a sales candidate, and the individual's resume indicates the necessary qualifications, you should interview them. They have the "Sales DNA" and "The Will to Sell "necessary to become a top salesperson at your company. You now know this person can sell your product. We build your company's customized criteria into our sales assessment.


We realize this is hard to believe. History supports our story, plus annual audits from an outside firm. Find out more about this top rated sales candidate assessment for both sales leadership and individual sales performer. 

Team High Five

92% Success Rate

92% of sales candidates recommended by our sales assessments perform in the top 50% of a sales force within 12 months. This performance is reviewed each year by an independent auditing firm. When we recommend a salesperson, and the candidate meets your qualifications, hire that individual and enjoy success!    

75% Failure Rate for "Not Recommended"

75% of candidates not recommended by our assessment, but hired anyway, failed within 6 months.  Increase sales recruiting success, make more money, save time and money. Don't hire salespeople we don't recommend

Do not hire sales candidates who are "not recommended" by OMG's Sales Candidate Assessment. Most will fail. Hiring those "not recommended" will be a very expensive decision. If you liked the candidate and followed our advice "not recommended", your company saved many headaches and a lot of money in lost sales.

See More Sales Hiring Statistics from OMG

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Try a sales candidate selection system used by more than 36,000  companies and given to 2 million plus salespeople

The only customizable hiring tool built for sales organizations by sales experts

The top sales candidate assessment for 10 straight years is backed by a brand promise that guarantees its effectiveness.

Try Our Award-Winning Sales Candidate Assessment by OMG

Ranked the #1 sales candidate assessment for 10 years. The only customizable hiring tool built for sales organizations by sales experts

FREE TRIAL - Limited Time

Get a Free Trial of the # 1 Ranked, Award Winning Sales Candidate Assessment 


Learn How to use OMG's sales candidate assessments 


Our Brand Promise - (Guarantee)

  • An assessment is actionable or it's free

  • We measure 21 sales-specific Core Competencies

  • Our sales assessments are accurate and Predictive

Contact us or book a meeting to discuss sales hiring strategies and tactics or any other sales strategies. Expect to gain some knowledge that you can immediately convert to sales opportunities. Our first meeting is complementary. Thanks for visiting.


Get  professional help finding and screening sales candidates

*Data is based on evaluations for more than 35,000 companies and 2 million salespeople  by management consulting firm, Objective Management Group. Saratoga Sales Consulting is a certified partner of OMG

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