Get 2 Company Focused Sales and Profit Growth Services in 1 Session

For Busy Executives: Get 2 Sales and Profit Growth Focused Services in  a 1 Hour (or less) Meeting

One-Hour Sales Consulting & Sales Coaching

Between 25 and 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies use executive coaches. This statistic is from the Hay Group, a large human-resources consultancy. 

Consulting For:

  • Advice,

  • Strategy

  • Planning 

  • Execution

Coaching For:

  • Goal-setting

  • Time management

  • Accountability

  • Skill development 

  • Positive thinking

There are opportunities to have some coaching conversations during a strategic session that can truly generate substantial financial benefit.

Gain productivity increases from the synergies of combining a motivating accountability session along with the advice and support of a business or sales consulting session. 

  1. Phone or video meetings typically last 45 minutes  to 1 hour at a frequency of 2 to 4 sessions per month.

  2. Topics of discussion can be structured or more fluid based upon your preferences. Typically, we touch on strategy and coaching topics 

  3. Satisfaction guaranteed

Saratoga Sales Consulting can provide more extensive sales development and management support as needed. 

Why Work With Saratoga Sales Consulting?

The synergies between sales coaching and sales consulting are highly beneficial. Your coach is focused on training and activities to achieve your business goals. They typically do not provide any strategic sales consulting or business consulting support. We can help set or modify the strategies necessary to achieve your business goals in one coaching session. 

Typically, sales and leadership coaches don't have the strategic sales and management experience required to deliver this hybrid service. Most coaches do not have the life experiences (that we do) necessary to help create and execute a "killer sales strategy". Conversely, most sales strategy and business strategy experts did not devote the time and energy to become a certified sales and leadership coach. 

We will design a consulting and coaching program to fit your specific requirements. Call us for your first  consultation or book a meeting.  Contact us now, and we'll provide your first one hour phone session for free with no future obligation. This offer may be limited to this month only and will end once we fill our calendar of available meetings. 


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