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One-Hour Executive Sales Consulting & Sales Coaching

For Busy Executives: Get two Sales and Profit Growth Focused Services in  a 1 Hour (or less) Meeting

1) Sales Consulting for strategies and techniques necessary to achieve sales and profit goals::

  • Sales advice

  • Sales strategy

  • Sales planning 

  • Sales execution

  • Sales recruiting

Between 25 and 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies use executive coaches. This statistic is from the Hay Group, a large human-resources consultancy. 

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2) Sales Coaching for to help you maintain focus on achieving sales and profit goals:

  • Goal-setting

  • Time management

  • Accountability

  • Skill development 

  • Positive thinking

Fast, Focused Sales Consulting and Coaching 

Gain productivity increases from the synergies of combining the advice and support of a business or sales consulting session with a motivating coaching session. Our specialty is strategic sales problem solving. Coaching is typically provided simultaneously as needed (at your option).

  1. Strategic sessions include:

    • coaching sales managers, sales directors, and sales VPs

    • Developing or revising sales strategies and sales plans.

    • Sales talent strategies and sales talent evaluation services

    • Sales hiring and onboarding salespeople

    • Sales processes

    • Closing more business or enhancing the sales pipeline

    • Plus, many more subjects based upon company need

    • Marketing and other business-related topics

  2. Phone or video meetings of 45 minutes to 1 hour at a frequency of 1 to 4 sessions per month. We recommend starting with a minimum of 2 meetings per month for the first few months. Meetings often run a shorter time to support client schedule requirements. 

  3. We both determine topics of discussion. Our specialty is flexibility to help solve the most recent strategic sales growth issues that executives face. 

  4. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Contact Saratoga Sales Consulting for a quote or to book a meeting

Could you use more sales consulting or business consulting support?

Saratoga Sales Consulting can provide more extensive sales strategy, sales development, sales recruiting, sales management, and business management support as needed. 

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Why Work With Saratoga Sales Consulting?

  • Our associates are sales experts with a wide breadth of experience. They have managed sales leaders, sales organizations and entire companies prior to launching their sales consulting careers. Our breadth of experience and intuition enables us to discover sales opportunities that other sales consulting firms will miss. We will produce extra sales and profit for you.

  • Typically, sales and leadership coaches don't have the strategic sales and management experience required to deliver this hybrid service. Although they are proclaimed "sales experts" they may be experts at their particular service provided.

  • Most coaches do not have the career experiences necessary to help create and execute a "killer sales strategy". Conversely, many sales strategy and business strategy experts are not certified sales and leadership coaches.

  • The business leadership, sales  leadership ,and coaching experience can create a positive impact on your company's sales performance. Expect incremental growth ranging from 30% to 100% or more over a 2 or 3 year period based upon your company's industry and unique attributes.

  • We will design a business or sales consulting and business/sales coaching program to fit your specific requirements.


Call us for your first consultation or book a meetingContact us now, and we will provide your first one-hour phone session for free with no future obligation. This offer may be limited to this month only and will end once we fill our calendar of available meetings. 

CEO's, business owners, company presidents; Contact us for One-Hour Sales Consulting. The first meeting is complimentary.

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