Cut Selling Costs, Grow Profit with Smart Sales Strategies

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Sales Tip: Whether you sell through digital marketing, mail, a sales team, or multiple channels, your ROI from selling initiatives can change frequently. Audit your selling process just as you audit product or service production and delivery costs. You might see big, positive results! 

Saratoga Sales Consulting Will Find Opportunities to Lower Selling Costs as a Percentage of Sales by as Much as 20%. Keep the Profit or Invest it in Growth

  • Most businesses do not realize how much money they waste on selling and marketing costs 

    • At budget time, many businesses plan to reduce the cost to produce their goods or services to boost profit. Many companies may look at reducing company overhead. Both are proven strategies, but you can only cut so much overhead before you start hurting your business prospects. There is a great opportunity to find several percentage points of profit by surveying your business. We've helped several companies save millions of dollars that they can keep for profit or invest back into their businesses.

  • Cutting your channel sales costs will improve profitability and contribute to future growth

    • I've worked with companies that managed to improve and reduce their selling costs in one year by as much as 20%; the result being more than $9 million in profit improvement for the year for one business in particular.  At other businesses, we've managed to reduce selling costs as a percentage of sales by double digits over several years as part of a 3 or 5 year plan. Has your business ever taken a strategic approach to cutting selling costs? If not, that's good news! It's still waiting to happen, and you can be the beneficiary. 


  • Don't Ignore this tremendous opportunity for financial gain

    • There is a tremendous opportunity in almost all companies to take a strategic approach to lower selling costs.  You start with the P&L Statement or a channel expense statement. The channel P&L statement in my blog displays this year's current budget, plus a scenario that uses two different approaches to achieve profit growth. My blog article explains this in more detail.

Get a Survey of Your Selling and Marketing Process and Expenses

We can provide a very low cost survey of your business. We'll provide a report that you can keep and implement your own cost saving program, or we can assist you. 

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