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Sales Consulting & Coaching for CEO's, Presidents, and Business Leaders

We Help CEO's Make Better Sales Strategy Decisions By Providing Support Customized to Your Needs. 


CEO's, Presidents, Owners: Let's have a no fee sales discussion. Contact us today. 

Low Cost, High ROI Services

For Business Leaders Without A Sales Background and Experienced Sales Leaders Who Understand The Rewards Of Executive Sales Consulting And Sales Coaching

Sales Organizations  That Don't Have a Sales Strategy And Follow Best Sales Practices Will:

  1. Fail to achieve true sales growth potential - How can you expect to maximize sales performance unless your company and sales team have a sales strategy, a sales process (or sales cycle)a sales plan, and sales coaching? You wouldn't run your operations, finance group, or marketing team without a strategy. Consider the sales organization part of its own operation and make sure your company has a complete sales strategy. Communicate this strategy to other key leaders and employees for maximum return on investment

  2. Lose business to competitors - Any competitor with a sales strategy and sales plan is prepared to take your current and prospective customers. Companies with a sales strategy and sales plan will include a sales coaching regiment for their sales team

  3. Fail to hire and retain top producing salespeople - There is a method to find, hire, and retain top sales producers that few of your competitors follow. Learn methods that can dramatically increase your sales by hiring and retaining top sales talent

Our Goal is to provide the support you need to achieve or exceed your company's sales and profit objectives. We can develop a complete sales plan or support other sales growth or profit growth individual opportunities. Some topics include:
  • Discussing and advising on recent sales/business ideas or needs that arise. This is the most popular service to our clients
  • Evaluating sales talent
  • Creating a business strategy or sales strategy 
  • Following a sales system
  • Following a sales process (sales cycle)
  • Setting goals
  • Managing to achieve goals
  • Evaluating sales representative and sales management talent
  • Managing the sales organization to sales performance metrics
  • Acquiring new customers
  • Increasing sales with existing customers and cross selling
  • Following a sales plan 
  • Hiring a winning sales team - Recruiting sales and sales leadership talent who will be successful with your company
  • Integrating the sales organization with the rest of your company
  • Time management
  • Sales coaching and management of sales directors
  • Sales coaching and management of sales managers
  • Sales coaching and management of sales representatives
  • Coaching to be positive
  • Control the controllables
  • Avoiding worry about what you cannot control
  • Discussing other topics related to your business (like HR, IT, Finance, Operations)
Optional: Your CEO sales consultant and coach can serve as your business coach as needed to provide support for the rest of the company
Not Sure How to Boost Sales? Ask us how our sales strategy and sales consulting support can provide the guidance your company needs for strategic direction and tactical execution.
Why Saratoga Sales Consulting is Unique

  • We offer Strategic Sales Consulting and Sales Coaching  support in each session from a real sales, marketing, and business expert.

  • We offer what we provided our employers earlier in our career; executive leadership and sales leadership. Most sales coaches and sales consultants have not led a company or a medium or large sales organization. Most of these sales consultants are sales trainers or project managers, with limited or no management experience. They want to sell training programs or manage projects. Most likely they are effective at these niche offers. Don't expect any business or sales leadership intuition from them. If this is what you want, our value add is helping select the appropriate sales trainer or consultant.

  • We solve organization-wide sales challenges with sales strategies and tactics performed by experienced sales coaches and sales experts. Saratoga Sales Consulting's founder started his career as a salesperson, then became a sales manager, sales and marketing VP', GM and CEO. 

  • We use sales talent analytics to help our clients hire salespeople who will be successful at their job.  Most competitors don't use this service yet, and their new sales hire failure rate is typically 75% or worse. We can help you improve your new sales hire success rate to be 75% or better, a 300% improvement, which creates much greater sales and profit.

Contact us for a complimentary sales discussion. Get some ideas for immediate sales growth (for CEO's, Presidents and senior leaders who have an interest on how strategic sales decisions can impact the P&L)

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