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75% of New Salespeople Hired Fail*. This is a verified statistic. Fix this and Increase sales and reduce sales recruiting and sales training costs. Read on for more information.

  • Hire Salespeople Who Can Sell

  • Hire Salespeople Who Will Sell

End the insanity of lost income from following outdated sales recruiting practices that rely on methods that don't work. Hire salespeople who will become top producers. Avoid expensive hiring mistakes. 

"The definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result."

-Albert Einstein-

Continue with your current sales recruiting process and you will continue to hire salespeople who either cannot sell or will not do what it takes to be successful in their sales position. We can prove it. Don't let an exaggerated resume, a false reference, or a likable candidate lead you to hire the wrong salesperson.

  • 92% of salespeople hired with our sales hiring system  become top performing sales producers within 12 Months      

  • 75% of Candidates hired without using our sales hiring process fail.*

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Approximately 75% of New Salespeople Fail*. This means that 75% of all new salespeople either fail to hit their sales quota or leave the company within the first year. Now, imagine if only 10% of your new sales hires failed. 90% succeed! What sales increase would your company experience over the next 2 years? Hundreds of thousands of dollars of extra sales growth? Millions of dollars of extra sales growth? Tens of millions of dollars extra sales growth?

Evidence Proves That Our Sales Hiring Method Works

  1. We use science to identify salespeople most likely to succeed at your company

  2. We use "old school" and newer analytics techniques to qualify sales candidates

  3. We recommend a proven process from the initial job description to the completion of the new hire sales onboarding process

*Definition of failure: fails to achieve sales goals or leaves the company in the first year

** Data provided by OMG

Use Your Own Internal or External Sales Recruiting Resources, or We Can Help With Your Sales Recruiting

Find Out Why More Than 35,000 Companies Have Used Our Sales Candidate Hiring Process. Try before you buy. 
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