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Here's an immediate sales growth tip.

Remember to target the right customers/prospects for your company's selling efforts

DO YOU KNOW if your salespeople are contacting the right customers and prospective customers? Are they focused on the best sales leads that will create the most sales and profit for your company?


Without a disciplined lead management plan and contact strategy, you don't know. If your company is like most, you are missing high profit sales opportunities.


The right contact sales strategy will double your lead close rate and increase sales productivity with the remainder of your sales team's efforts.


You will see immediate increases in your sales pipeline, if you follow these tips:

  • Make sure all salespeople are contacting the best sales opportunities. Unless your company closely manages their contact strategy, you haven't maximized the sales potential from more effective targeting. Salespeople generally aren't well organized to focus on the best sales  opportunities with the highest likelihood of closing. 

    • Include a simple process that scores the best opportunities ranking them from 1 to 5. For example, quotes would probably get scored as a "1", since any quote is most likely going to have a higher closing percentage (and therefore a lower selling cost) than a less qualified contact. General email inquiries may get scored from "3 to 5" based upon the topic. 

    • Initiate a process to track activity and results for the most important or highest ranked account opportunities or leads. Include a management plan that assures that these high ranking leads lead to a yes or a no decision. Salespeople often "give up" before placing enough effort into their follow up activity.  This is a great time to utilize a pipeline or forecast reporting process.

    • Utilize CRM for tracking activity. It is by far the easiest method to track customer behavior for businesses that have a large quantity of customers and prospects. Salespeople often appreciate the assistance with helping them call the opportunities that will help them make the most money. 

    • Make sure either you or the salesperson's supervisor meets and coaches regularly to stay on track. Define a contact plan for any target or high value accounts. 


Do this today and you will see sales pipeline increases soon; leading to a solid incremental sales increase!

Here's Your  Sales Strategy Summary to Target and Close More Leads 

  1. Use a lead score ranking system

  2. Focus selling time contacting the highest potential ROI (highest profit, lowest selling costs) leads

  3. Coach salespeople to follow the new sales contact strategy to insure success

Take Note: Your sales managers may find it challenging to change their habits and manage their sales team to follow this sales strategy before the process becomes systemized and automatic for them. Coach them to adhere to this plan.


Want help? If you want some help managing the process or would like some advice on this, please contact Saratoga Sales Consulting today

This is One Step to Transform your sales organization into a team of top performers. There are many more sales growth opportunities for your company. Find out more.

Christopher Wallace, Saratoga Sales Consulting

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Upward Curve

A Sales Strategy to Deliver Immediate Sales Growth Opportunities

Target Sales Activity for Greater Sales Growth (most companies can do better)

  • Use a scoring system to rank and prioritize lead and customer contact

  • Target high ROI sales opportunities for contact

  • Track activity and results

  • Coach the sales team to stay focused on high ROI activity