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 We Cure Sales Force Turnover 

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Our solution to sales force turnover is worth millions of dollars in sales increases for your company. The more salespeople you have, the greater the sales and profit growth opportunity for lower sales staff turnover and increased sales and profit

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An Expensive Fact: 75% of all new salespeople hired fail*

  1. Do you have a high failure rate (like most companies) on new sales hires? If so, what are you doing differently that can lead to a higher success rate? Want some ideas?

  2. If your company does not have a new sales hire failure rate, are you holding onto underperforming salespeople too long? What is the reason to hold onto poor performers when you can replace them with strong performers?

  3. How many millions of dollars is high sales turnover and underachieving salespeople costing your company in lost sales and profit vs having all high performing salespeople? 


We have a solution to high salesperson turnover. The problems that lead to incredible, expensive rate of sales rep turnover can be fixed quickly and inexpensively with a high return on investment.

Our clients typically enjoy a better than 90% success rate when they use our sales hiring system. This means that these companies enjoy exceptional sales results from new sales hires due because they produce and replace positions that are typically vacant or underperforming. This is a low cost/high ROI service that you should learn about and apply to your business. 


Read below for more information or contact us now how to hire salespeople who will be successful at your company and how to achieve such great success with your upgraded sales hiring process. 

Learn How to Cure Sales Force Turnover and Gain  $Millions 

Follow a sales hiring process that includes a predictive assessment to evaluate sales talent. Check for consistency in the job description, the job advertisements, and the hiring managers requirements

Use a system that prepares the new sales or sales manager hire for success. Onboarding should include sales, product training and a performance schedule to track progress

Coach each individual salesperson at least once per week. Coach the new salesperson to focus on following a sales process, achieving activity goals, and learning the necessary systems and product training

Great Sales Personnel and Great Sales Management = Great $ALE$ Results

If you want your company to acquire stronger sales talent, use existing talent more effectively, or a combination of the two, we are a top sales development resources available with the capabilities to help you achieve a 92% success rate with new sales hires. There are few consulting firms worldwide that have the licenses and certifications that we do. We follow a proprietary system that starts with the beginning of the hiring cycle and continues through the onboarding process. We use sales talent analytics to measure individual sales talent and match any qualifying sales candidates with your company's sales talent requirements. Use our sales hiring process and your company will experience dramatic sales and profit improvements due to the increased sales talent and reduced sales turnover. Our sales hiring system is a game changer. Expect  a success rate on new sales hires to approach 90%. 


We would like to meet with company Presidents or CEO's who believe that hiring more talented salespeople and utilizing the company's existing sales talent more effectively can generate substantial sales and profit increases while lowering selling costs as a percentage of sales. If you are a company CEO, company President, or an equivalent in responsibilities, feel free to contact us for a complimentary discussion. During our conversation, we expect that you will acquire  greater understanding about your current sales team and what is needed to achieve greater sales growth from using the company's sales investments more effectively. 

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Christopher M. Wallace
Managing Partner

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CEO's, Presidents, Business Owners: Contact us today or book a meeting. The first consultation is complementary. At the end of the first meeting, our goal is for you to learn a sales growth idea that you can immediately apply to your business. No obligation and no hard close is involved.

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