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CEO's: Your Sales Team Does Not Need Strong Closing Skills for Success

Many of my clients are highly successful executives, but many did not understand that successful salespeople do not need to have strong closing skills. These executives built their wealth in many industries like insurance, real estate, mortgages, automobiles, printing, solar power, marketing services and all different types of business to business industries. They understood quickly after a brief explanation.

Most of you have heard the term "consultative selling"

A consultative seller who targets the right people, asks the right questions, and builds a sense of urgency to buy, enjoys an easy presentation that often leads to a faster close. In fact, the skilled sales executive typically addresses most of the objections long before the close by uncovering and addressing these objections early. Fewer objections, fewer excuses not to buy.

Closing skills can be important and few people are good at it.

All salespeople should get training on closing a sale. If the salesperson understands the correct approach to the close, it will help close the sale. However, the steps leading up to the close, create the buying opportunity and the need for the product or service. These steps make the close possible.

Anyone can present, but few master the requirements to be a great sales person.

Did you know that there are few true consultative salespeople, but most salespeople have competent presentation skills? According to OMG, fewer than 25% sell consultatively. More than 50% possess strong presentation skills.

The Requirements to Becoming (or Being) a Great Salesperson

Experienced sales professionals understand the importance of 1) asking the right questions and 2) effectively listening to the answers. These are two of the top 8 requirements necessary to be one of the best salespeople. Dave Kurlan, a famous sales blogger, identifies The Top 8 Requirements for Becoming a Great Salesperson. I recommend that you read and understand this article. Even show it to your salespeople.

CEO's should seriously consider creating a sales team consisting of people with these qualities and ambitious sales personnel should read this article and act upon the recommendations.

The growth potential is tremendous for most companies.

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