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The Most Important Function for Sales Managers is the Least Practiced

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CEO's and Owners: Most sales managers either coach their salespeople incorrectly, infrequently, or not at all. If your sales managers are like the 95% of all sales managers who do not coach their sales team effectively, be excited about your business' future growth opportunity! Get some fast incremental growth for a very low cost, simply by "Coaching" your current sales management team to effectively coach the sales force.

If you own or run a business that relies on salespeople to drive revenue, it is essential that your sales managers coach the sales team every day. They should spend no less than 50% of their time on sales coaching to achieve top performance from their team.

Sales coaching isn't difficult if the sales manager already has the selling competencies necessary to be a successful salesperson. If a sales manager follows the correct sales coaching process and adheres to a consistent and disciplined coaching schedule, the sales team will experience more success and your company faster sales growth. There are plenty of books and articles about sales coaching, and there are plenty of professionals (like me) who can coach CEO's and sales managers to become more effective sales coaches.

This article, written by award winning sales blogger, Dave Kurlan, titled, "An Easier Way to Coach Salespeople, For a While can help your sales managers get started with sales coaching. Most salespeople and sales managers who have had formal sales training have experienced this important, but often neglected coaching technique. I believe this technique is an excellent method for salespeople and sales managers to ease into sales coaching together.

Remember, the key to successful sales growth is enhanced performance due to effective sales management. Sales coaching is the most important and effective sales growth tactic for a sales manager. If you need assistance getting a sales coaching program started, read a book, an article, or seek professional sales coaching assistance.

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