Convert Your Company's Undiscovered Sales Opportunities Into Sales Revenue

Hire salespeople who have a 90% chance that they will succeed as salespeople for you.
Learn and apply "Immediate Sales Growth" tactics and longer term sales growth strategies.
Outperform the 95% of Companies That Fail to Manage Their Salespeople Effectively.

Achieve companywide incremental sales growth of 30% to 100% (or more)

  • Hire Salespeople Who Will Sell - Stop using resumes and interviews exclusively to hire salespeople. Past History does not guarantee future success. Instead use a sales recruiting process to: 

    • Hire salespeople who can sell.

      • This includes higher cost experienced salespeople and lower cost candidates who can be developed into successful salespeople​.

    • Hire candidates who will commit to success as salespeople for you.

      • Many experienced salespeople will not commit to success.​ Commitment is an extremely important attribute for sales success.

Use your own sales recruiting resources, or we can recommend one.

  • Have a Sales Strategy -  Increase Sales By Creating and Following a Strategic Sales Roadmap

    • Identify performance improvement opportunities with the sales team and execute a solution​.

    • Create and follow a defined sales process to generate a higher close rate and a shorter sales cycle to close.

    • Manage the sales team with metric driven criteria and coach them (hold them accountable) to achieve these metric driven goals.​

  • Manage the Sales Team - Increase sales by supporting the sales organization with effective sales coaching performed internally by a sales manager or externally by a certified sales coach. 95% of all sales organizations do not coach their sales team effectively.​

  • The Support You Want From Experienced Professionals
  • Expert Knowledge

* sales growth opportunity varies by a company's business characteristics like industry, geography, size, etc

Christopher Wallace started Saratoga Sales Consulting in 2014 to help CEO's grow their companies. We specialize in finding undiscovered sales opportunities and providing the strategies and tactics necessary to achieve accelerated sales growth. 

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