You Need Business and Sales Consulting

You must have a sales strategy and business strategy; even during strong economic times. Most companies do not follow a sales strategy and don't have:

  • A sales plan to run their company

  • A sales budget or company-wide budget to follow

  • Monthly revenue or company wide expense forecasting

  • A business or sales strategy to manage through and recover from disasters like our current situation with the Pandemic

  • A new strategic plan once the economy begins to recover

What is Your Business Recovery Plan? Are You Ready to Compete?

Start planning your company's future today.

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Which Describes Your Business Growth Planning?

  1. You are one of the millions of business owners, CEO's, and presidents who expect their sales team to be successful without a:

  2. You compete and win against these business owners, CEO's, and presidents because your company runs its sales organization with a sales strategy and sales plan as a business should?

  3. You run a company that is wildly successful without any type of sales strategy or sales plan

Run Your Sales Organization Like a Business! Start today!

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*the percentage growth opportunity is influenced by your company and industry dynamics

Achieve an extra 30% to 100% sales growth over the next 2 to 3 years, maybe more!*

Christopher Wallace - Founder and CEO Sales Coach

Helping Business Leaders Make Better Sales Decisions

Chris is a great combination of "old school" and new, game-changing ideas. He is old school in terms of knowing the skill of selling and sales management, and how to make the sales that other people cannot make - how to get to the real needs of the client and present a solution that makes sense. He understands that selling is hard work and he knows how to drive sales through excellent sales management. Chris' visionary approaches to marketing and business exposure, though, are even more impressive to me. He truly knows how to build an organization in today's highly socialized marketing world.

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