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Sales Consulting Services

Discover Profitable Sales Opportunities

  • Create More Inbound Sales 

  • Build Outbound Sales Growth

  • Increase Field Sales Results

  • Close More Sales Leads

  • Acquire More New Customers

  • Increase Existing Customer Sales

Find Sales Opportunities and Make More Money

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Most likely, your company's business operates efficiently. It is good at what it knows. Your company's talented employees, who are critical to its success do not have the experience or background to recognize undiscovered sales opportunities.  Some opportunities are always sales training related. Some are sales operations or sales process related. Some require the marketing department for contribution or support. All lead to acquiring more customers and increasing sales to existing customers. Read below for more information or contact us today!

What We Do

Our founder built his career in the corporate world finding undiscovered sales opportunities at his employers' companies. Noticing his ability to evaluate sales opportunities at various companies, several former peers recruited him to their new employers for new sales growth strategies and managing of their execution. He founded Saratoga Sales Consulting in 2014 and acquired even more sales growth techniques since then. If you are a CEO, President, or business owner, feel free to book a complementary first meeting or call us. Find out a missed sales opportunity and discover the potential sales growth in our first meeting. 

Saratoga Sales Consulting finds and helps implement sales opportunities your company probably missed. There are many commonly missed sales opportunities that will produce either immediate and/or long term sales growth that up to 80% of all companies miss. There are an incredible amount of sales growth opportunities for companies that rely on a sales team for its success. Saratoga Sales Consulting was founded in 2014 for the purpose of identifying and helping companies achieve increased sales by realizing revenue from these missed opportunities. Our founder delivered services like these as an employee and advisor to many large, mid-sized, and small companies during his executive sales, marketing, and general management career. Please read our sales growth ideas below or contact us for a complimentary consultation and see how we can help your company increase sales, reduce selling costs, and achieve profit targets. Thank you for visiting Saratoga Sales Consulting's site.

Finding Missed Sales Opportunities
For a Complementary Consultation, Book a Meeting or Contact Us Today!
Some Frequently Missed Sales Opportunities

We encourage you to review the sales advice below. If you want to learn about more missed sales opportunities or want some support for faster and more effective sales growth and profit growth from the ideas, contact us for a complimentary consultation.

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Are you a CEO or company president? Do you have a complete understanding of your company's sales strategy and true sales potential? Do you entrust your sales organization's sales strategy and leadership to a more seasoned sales leader in your business? If you do not have a career sales background, that's a good idea. Question: How do you know if your company has missed sales opportunities that can be achieved once recognized? Read to learn more. 

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There are so many sales opportunities that companies miss regularly. These wins include following a sales process (also known as a sales cycle), coaching sales and sales management effectively, targeting the right customers, closing more leads, and more. 

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Too many salespeople miss their sales targets at most companies. We believe that the number one sales growth opportunity for businesses is to upgrade sales talent. This can be as simple as training capable salespeople, removing underperformers, and replacing them with more talented, hungry salespeople. Find out how to select the right salespeople for your company.

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