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More than 75,000 companies have benefited from our scientifically generated sales strategy. 

You will be amazed at your company's growth prospects. You can enjoy an extra 27% to more than 100% growth? Skeptical? Don't be. Your sales team cannot figure out how to achieve an increased growth rate. If they could, you would already see improved performance.  A CEO needs a sales strategy to drive results. Do something different. Each day you wait is lost opportunity.


Read the information below and learn about common challenges sales organizations experience. Many of these challenges can be corrected quickly and others take more time. Try making corrections on  your own, with your current sales consulting firm or Contact us  anytime, 24/7, to learn more about how to grow your company. We guarantee your satisfaction

Are You Guessing Too Much With Your Sales Strategy?

Follow Best Sales Practices to Grow Your Company Faster. 

80% of companies do not follow a sales process.*

No sales process = lost sales

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Follow a Sales Process to Grow Your Company. Think double digit increase in your growth rate. Most likely, your company does not adhere to a sales process. Sometimes a sales trainer may select a process that isn't the best fit, because it is their only system. Make sure your sales process is a good fit for your sales team. See this example of a common sales process.

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77% of Salespeople Hired Fail*

Employee turnover is expensive

You can not identify a "born salesperson" without professional help. The most successful salespeople can be introverts or outgoing people. The key is in their sales DNA. Hire the right people and see your sales jump and your recruiting and training costs drop. Our clients collectively experienced a 92% success rate with their new salespeople by using our top ranked sales candidate assessments. 

See how we are uniquely qualified to help you hire and onboard new sales people at such a high success rate by visiting our "hire better" page or selecting our other options.

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95% of all sales managers do not coach effectively*

Effective coaching = fast growth


Your management team should have a include effective coaching as part of its sales strategy. Watch individuals on your sales team double or even triple sales growth rates

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How to Grow Your Business - Build A Powerful Sales Organization

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*Data is based on evaluations of more than 28,000 companies and 2 million salespeople over the past 20 years by management consulting firm, Objective Management Group.

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