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Discover New Sales Strategies To Increase Your Company's Sales And Profit 

Saratoga Sales Consulting  sales strategy #1 below Identifies the greatest long term impact on a business with salespeople.  Sales strategy #2 provides a critical element for sales growth. Sales strategy # 3 will deliver immediate sales growth for any company.

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Discover Unrealized Revenue With These Sales Strategies

Sales Strategy 1
Some unrealized  growth sales strategies can convert to revenue quickly, while others will set your company up for sustained growth

Unrealized Revenue Sales Strategy #1 

Hire Salespeople Who Will Sell - Most new sales hires will fail. Correct this, hire salespeople who will sell when they join your company, and enjoy incredible high ROI sales results. Any company can hire more effective salespeople by using the right predictive tools and processes

Most companies cannot exist without salespeople.  What is your company's return on a successful sales hire? What is the lost revenue opportunity for your company if a new sales hire fails? Don't hire a new salesperson because you like them, they interviewed well, or they've done well at other companies. These factors do not predict a successful outcome for a new sales hire. In fact, 75% of these new sales hires will fail. Earn millions of dollars in extra sales by choosing the right sales talent and onboarding them effectively.

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Learn to hire salespeople with a 90% chance of success. Contact us today

Unrealized Revenue Sales Strategy #2 

Sales Strategy 2

Create and Follow an Effective Sales Strategy to Compete Better, Sell More, and Increase Market Share. Most companies operate without a sales strategy.

95% of businesses operate without an effective sales process, which is a component to sales strategy. Because of this,  the salespeople do not follow a consistent selling style when offering your product or service. Instead, they each follow their own sales process (often called sales cycle) of selling your company's brand. The result, your company misses sales and the brand risks damage from misrepresentation. Develop a consistent selling process for greater success. There are many other components to a sales strategy. Follow these and win more business from competitors as you increase sales, profit and market share

sales plan chart
sales opportunity #3

Unrealized Revenue Sales Strategy #3

Target Your Sales Team's Selling Efforts and Close More Overall Sales With Higher Value Customers. Most companies do not effectively focus their salespeople's efforts on pursuing companies that will generate the most sales and profit. In fact, many companies do not manage customer targets other than the most obvious, high valuable, and recognizable prospects. Sales managers may review some identified target accounts and some leads generated. How often does your company audit individual sales activity? Your company will be surprised to find that the sales team misses many of these opportunities without administrative or management support. There are many reasons why this happens and several solutions to insure closure of these high value targets. Fix this and win substantially more sales. In fact, expect the lead close rate to double within the next 2 years. We will tell you how to find these immediate sales opportunities if you call us or book a meeting

Most of your salespeople need your help to target the right companies. Otherwise, they may pursue the less profitable, but easier sales opportunities, or even worse, operate without any consistent customer target plan. Fix this and you will close many more higher profit sales opportunities. We will show you one of many sales targeting strategies. This one can create immediate sales growth for your company and add to the sales pipeline as early as tomorrow.

Next Steps

CEO's, Presidents, Business Owners: Contact us today or book a meeting. The first consultation is complementary. At the end of the first meeting, our goal is for you to learn a sales growth idea that you can apply to your business. No obligation and no hard close is involved.

Saratoga Sales Consulting has provided P&L focused sales consulting services  since 2014. We exist to solve the critical sales and profit growth issues facing our clients with immediate and sustainable growth sales strategies. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Christopher Wallace started Saratoga Sales Consulting to  share his knowledge gained during a career as a turnaround specialist as head of sales, sales and marketing, and GM at divisions of several corporations. He was often recognized for his ability to use past experiences, analytics and his intuition to solve many existing sales and profit problems for past employers and clients. After starting Saratoga Sales Consulting, Chris continued to study sales and identified a solution to a problem that existed for him as a sales executive and still exists for most companies with a sales team. That solution is noted in unrealized sales opportunity #1 above

CEO's, Presidents, Business Owners: Feel free to contact Saratoga Sales Consulting for further discussion on any of these sales or other business topics. Or, visit our blog for some helpful insights
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