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This is An Annual Gross Profit Gain

This gross profit gain will reoccur every year your company uses our system vs making no change to the current sales hiring process. In fact, it will improve more each year for the next few years. Contact us to learn more

Let's Plug In Your Data

If you want to learn your company's potential profit gain, Contact us today or book a meeting, and we will plug in your data and calculate the result during our meeting. Or, email us your data and we will respond.

Our Solutions Include the Following Recommendations and Options

A Sales Hiring Process

A company should follow a sales hiring process that will:

  • Attract qualified candidates

  • Select sales candidates based upon unique requirements for the specific sales job

  • Communicate the job effectively and consistently from the creation of a job description to post hire activity

  • Provide the necessary training and coaching during an onboarding process that will prepare the new sales hires for success

  • Include metrics for measuring sales success during onboarding and throughout the salesperson's career with your company

Proprietary Sales Talent Analytics

We strongly recommend that any wireless sales operation should utilize our predictive sales talent analytics capabilities. We  specifically measure any candidates sales talent, will to sell, and suitability for a wireless retail sales career at your company. We use it to prescreen any sales candidates. We modify the interpretations of the sales talent analytics to your specific company's sales candidate requirements. We customize our model to your company's specific requirements

3 Options For Our Support

1. Turnkey Support - We handle all recruiting responsibilities, which includes helping to create a job description, any advertisements, plus any additional candidate search support needed

2. Hybrid Support - You learn our system and decide how much support you need. We provide any sales recruiting support needed upon request

3. Minimal Support - We show you our sales hiring system and your company handles all recruiting responsibilities - Our system is unique. No other consulting firm offers a customized sales recruiting program for wireless retail sales professionals.

Satisfaction Guarantee

“Our fees are based on your unconditional satisfaction: If you do not feel you received full value, you decide how much value you received and pay just that or nothing at all.”

How to Hire Wireless Retail Salespeople Who Will Become Successful At Your Company

Salesperson in a wireless retail store

Select and hire wireless sales candidates who have the sales talent and motivation you need to drive sales and lower sales team turnover. Learn and follow our sales talent  acquisition routine and achieve;

1) more boxes sold per representative

2) reduced sales recruiting and training costs due to lower turnover

3) less stress with staff scheduling due a more reliable sales team that shows up for work

Huge ROI: Increase Sales and Lower Sales Training and Sales Recruiting Costs 

Saratoga Sales Consulting and Chris James, former sales director for a 100 salesperson wireless retailer, developed a sales recruiting program that far exceeded the company's expectations. Their new hiring system led Chris and his team to hire salespeople with much greater talent. This generated substantial sales increases and nearly eliminated sales turnover. Almost all new sales hires succeeded at their positions. No new sales hires were let go for sales performance reasons. When another wireless retailer purchased his employer's business, the executives asked Chris James "how did you find such talented salespeople?" Chris' answer; "We used an advanced sales hiring system. Sales went up and sales turnover almost disappeared." We now offer this sales talent acquisition system that will generate the same success for your wireless retail operation. Check out our gross profit forecast, our sales hiring process, and ROI model.

We do have some qualifiers we need to learn about your business to gauge your success rate. Contact us anytime to discuss

Have ever you hired sales candidates that were

  1. former wireless sales consultants that surprisingly underperformed while similar hires succeeded?

  2. hourly retail workers who failed while others succeeded at their new job?

  3. new to sales and failed, while others who were new to sales succeeded as wireless retail sales consultants?

What percentage of these sales new hires achieved their sales targets?

  1. 20%?

  2. 30%?

  3. More?

  4. Less?

If your company is like most businesses, 75% of new sales hires fail. How much additional gross profit would your company achieve if it had this success rate for new sales hires?

  1. 80%?

  2. 85%?

  3. 92%

We can explain why some of your new wireless retail sales hires succeeded while others failed. Our predictive sales hiring system has produced an amazing 92% success rate for new sales hires at more than 35,000 companies. We tweaked this sales hiring system to meet the unique requirements of a wireless retail sales operation for a former Verizon Authorized Retailer. This company enjoyed great success from this initiative. We reveal some of our techniques below. 

Sales Recruiting Gross Profit Comparison

We took our past successes of previous sales hires in the wireless retail sales industry and other industries to develop the financial model below. The projected sales turnover rates are backed by actual data, which we would be glad to explain. This model forecasts a $288,750 1 year gross profit improvement per 10 new sales hires on stronger sales due to fewer salespeople underperforming, more gross profit from lower sales vacancies, lower recruiting costs, and reduced training costs. We did not include the extra sales performance you get as the new hires become more skilled over time.  How much extra gross profit will highly skilled wireless sales consultants add to your bottom line? 

This model looks at just one year. You can expect the gross profit improvements to become annual improvements by following our sales hiring system vs staying with the current sales recruiting process.

Key assumptions from this model include a substantial gross profit improvement due to the reduction in new wireless retail sales hire turnover from 75% to 20%. Please review the sales turnover assumptions below.

Please understand that this model does not calculate your company's overall future gross profit opportunities. The gross profit opportunity is millions of dollars higher when you include the long term benefit of a more talented sales and sales management team.  We included the gross profit opportunities that can be calculated based upon the assumptions related to turnover.

Sales  Turnover Assumptions

Screenshot ROI Hiring Assumptions

Annual Gross Profit Gain On Team Sales Performance/10 New Sales Hires

cost savings chart turnover
We calculated the profit improvement using our sales hiring system vs the typical sales hiring system. The dollar values are based per 10 new sales hires annually. Contact us today or book a meeting and we will plug in your assumptions for your own custom gross profit forecast
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Contact us today to discuss your company's potential ROI improvement with using our sales hiring system. We will calculate your expected gross profit improvement our enhanced sales hiring system
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