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Be Wary of Hiring a Born Salesperson

If you are reading this article, you've heard somebody say, "that (so and so) is a born salesperson." Years ago, I believed the thought that I was a born salesperson, due to my outgoing nature. I had a solid career as a salesperson. As I became a sales manager and sales vice-president, I realized that some of my best salespeople were not like me at all. Some of these people would rather stay in pursuing quiet activities instead of catching a ballgame with a bunch of friends. They weren't particularly interested in office gossip or friendships. Some of these folks with introverted tendencies, were top salespeople.

There is not a specific personality that will guarantee sales success

Until recently, I thought that personality tests like DISC and others can measure a person's likelihood for success in sales. Although personality tests might be great for evaluating an employee's suitability for positions like an analyst that may use a "detective" style personality or a customer service position that may require a "counseling" type, there is not an accurate personality measure for sales success.

Then I found this company, OMG

I learned that OMG had developed a very successful consulting business that measures a salesperson's "Sales DNA". Wow! Sales DNA. In my 19 years of sales management experience, I don't believe I ever heard that term. I learned that OMG actually had developed a scientific method that identifies and measures the important traits that all salespeople must possess to be successful.

I soon learned that maybe there are born salespeople, but you need science to find them

It isn't personality, work ethic, or intelligence that makes a great salesperson. To be successful, a salesperson must possess the Sales DNA necessary to handle rejection, talk about money comfortably, and be comfortable asking the right questions. The person also needs the desire and commitment to be a successful salesperson. Many people have the desire, but lack the commitment.

OMG has a sales assessment tool that can predict, with 92% accuracy, that a sales candidate will become a top producer for a client company.

Amazing. This was a huge discovery. I had already advised dozens of CEO sales coaching clients and sales managers on the proper hiring and onboarding methods before I learned about this tool. OMG's research of its more than 1.8 million sales evaluations conducted predicts that 92% of sales candidates recommended by OMG and hired by the client company, will achieve top 50% status among the sales force within 12 months. Amazing.

Learn more about measuring salespeople's DNA:

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