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Common Sense Tips That Salespeople Should Follow When Applying for a Job.

In 2017, I acquired a new client in an industry that was quite different for me. My client wanted CEO sales coaching and consulting support to help grow the business. The CEO and I had instant chemistry when we first met, which is always a good thing. My client and his partners employed approximately 100 sales consultants in their wireless retail stores.

We had our strategic meetings with his executive team, attorney, and accountant. We modified the sales team's organizational structure to better match the existing personnel with the business needs. Then, he asked me to find a financial controller and a head of sales to manage his district sales managers. No problem. I've done some recruiting for my sales consulting and coaching clients previously. We found some great candidates.

Next, my client wanted to improve their existing sales team with training, coaching and performance management. They also needed to build a proactive small business field sales team.

How I Got the Idea to Write This Article

After a few months, my client assigned a massive and aggressive project. We weren't satisfied with the future prospects of many people on the sales team. We had to replace some of them. He asked me to work with their internal sales recruiter and find 25 sales people for his stores in 3 1/2 months. His goal was to improve the sales talent in the existing stores and find a few business sales reps to work the field. I've done a little bit of recruiting for consulting clients, but nothing like this. I had hired plenty of sales people during my corporate career. But, I left that world 3 years earlier. Also, I had never hired retail sales personnel before. That wasn't as great of a concern, because my client had an outstanding commission plan and we could find salespeople who are money motivated and didn't necessarily need to come from the retail space. .

This became a fun assignment and I learned a lot

Because of this project, I gained some insight that I want to share with all you salespeople who want a new job. There is a great demand for ambitious and qualified salespeople right now.

An individual sales candidate can truly stand out from others seeking the same job by following a few tips. Here are 3 tips to follow when you apply online for a sales position.

1. Put an objective on your resume.

Don't make it a wishy washy objective. Say that you want a sales position and be specific with the type of sales position you want and mention what industry if you want to work in a specific industry. Also, mention why you want a sales position. If it is to make more money, make sure you mention that. If it is for another reason, mention that. Just make sure your reason is in-line with what you perceive is necessary for the job and in-line with your objectives.

2. Write a cover letter to stand out from other sales candidates

Few candidates bother to submit a cover letter. That is a big mistake. A cover letter will make your resume stand out from the others. A cover letter is a unique document that looks much different from your resume, which looks like everybody else's resume. Sales recruiters scan resumes quickly. Many recruiters will spend more time reading your cover letter than your resume, so make it an effective letter. Many recruiters will be impressed that you took the time to write a cover letter. Here is some info on how to write a cover letter from a random link that I liked at

3. Respond to any sales recruiter inquiries promptly.

Sales candidates frequently thanked me for my quick responses when I received an application. My fast response created a great first impression for my client. It made us look much more professional than other recruiters, who respond more slowly. The same holds true for you. Respond quickly and you will create a positive impression with the sales recruiter. Pick up the phone and call any inquiries from recruiters immediately. This demonstrates some selling skill and shows extra interest in the position. If you cannot make the call right away, send an email immediately with an appropriate message.

Good luck

Follow these tips and you will get noticed more frequently. Also, remember to proof all written work to insure that your resume and letters are grammatically correct and formatted so that they can be easily read. Mistakes can be a turnoff.


I would be glad to answer any questions that you may have about this article. Feel free to email me at

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