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Most Companies Don't Adhere to Consistent Steps During The Selling Process, Costing Them Money

Take Some Quick and Easy Steps For Almost Immediate Sales or Sales Pipeline Growth As You Plan for Future Sustainable Sales and Profit Growth

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 3 Steps for 30% to 100% Incremental Sales Growth 

Your Sales Organization Must Have:

  1. An Effective Sales Strategy

  2. A Disciplined  Sales Process/Sales Cycle

  3. Consistent Sales Management and Coaching

Most companies do not have an effective sales system. This is an essential topic regarding sales strategy. Your current sales and marketing team can generate more business simply by following a managed sales system, which should include:

  • Having metric specific goals

  • Having a contact plan before any sales contact

  • Using the right technological systems and tools, like CRM, e-mail, DRIP and more

  • Having adequate support personnel and a system to support all phases of the sale, including interaction with ordering, fulfillment, invoicing and more

  • Adhering to a sales process or sales cycle. 80% of all companies do not follow a sales process, also known as sales cycle. Adhere to one and sales will grow

  • Recording any activity, forecasting with a pipeline, analyzing results

  • Coaching sales, sales management and support personnel at least once per week

  • And much more




Follow a Sales Process

Most Salespeople do not follow a sales process. If your company's sales team consistently follows a sales process, you are ahead of the competition. 

80% of companies do not follow a disciplined sales process. By insuring each salesperson follows a sales process (or sales cycle), you will see substantial, high ROI sales increase at your company.

You Need Sales Management Support

If you manage the sales team and don't have the expertise to manage and coach the sales team as effectively as you'd like, get either the necessary training or the help you need to insure the sales team will follow the sales process. Sales coaching is an essential element to sales growth, and 95% of all sales managers do not coach their sales team effectively. Coach well for fast improvement in sales results.

Saratoga Sales Consulting Has the Expertise 

Use our experience to grow your company faster. We've found high ROI sales growth opportunities with every company that has hired us. If you are a business owner, president or CEO, please Contact us by e-mail or phone, for a complimentary first consultation. Or, book a meeting now. This call is all about you and your business. Our goal is your success. There is no obligation for any fee related business. If we do work together following the call, we guarantee that we will discover sales opportunities that you can implement at either a low cost or no cost at all. If needed, we will help you with sales strategy and execution. 

Get the management assistance, advice and coaching you need to maximize growth. Business Owners, Presidents, and CEO's: Contact us  for a complimentary  consultation today!                                                     

*Free consultations are offered to Presidents, CEO's and owners, based upon availability.

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