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Are you satisfied with your company's sales performance?

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  1. Are 80% or more of your sales team achieving their objectives?

  2. Are your top salespeople the most talented sales personnel or is their success from having the best accounts?

  3. Are most of your new sales hires successful?

  4. Do you have your salespeople in the right roles?

  5. Does your sales management team utilize effective sales coaching methodologies?

  6. Does your sales team generate enough new customers?

If you answered "I don't know" or "No" to any of these questions:
You are among the majority of CEO's and other company leaders. A sales strategy that utilizes best sales practices and best sales coaching methods will achieve incredible sales growth improvements of 37% to 100%; or even more. If you want some answers, please set up an executive sales coaching meeting with Christopher Wallace. The first executive sales coaching session is complimentary. If we both believe that our services can be effective for you, we can discuss a second complimentary sales coaching session. For September 2019 only. 
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Sales Coaching for Success

Between 25 and 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies use executive coaches. This statistic is from the Hay Group, a large human-resources consultancy

Sales Consulting and Sales Coaching is Customized to You Based Upon Your Own Unique Goals, Challenges and Personality

Sales Consulting - Customizable. Some Suggested Topics Include:
  • Planning sales strategy and execution

  • Evaluating the sales force - understand people, systems, processes

  • Using CRM effectively. Managing leads

  • Evaluating sales talent of current sales team 

  • Hiring and onboarding new sales talent for greater productivity

  • Leading and managing sales management

  • Building effective pipelines

  • And much more

CEO Sales  Coaching - Customizable. Some Suggested Topics  Are:
  • Building a sales culture that promotes growth company wide

  • Creating a 60-90 day plan

  • Conducting productive meetings

  • Holding the sales team accountable and achieving sales targets

  • Training and sales coaching the sales and sales management team

  • Guiding sales management to perform effective sales coaching to their reps

  • Managing time effectively

  • And much more 

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This is Unique! Many sales coaches and sales consultants are trainers or project managers and don't possess the executive attributes that enable a more productive dialog with CEO's. Get Strategic Sales Consulting and Sales Coaching  in 1 Session from an executive sales and marketing expert

Session Length & Frequency

CEO sales coaching phone or video meetings typically last 45 minutes to 1 hour at a frequency of 2 to 4 sessions per month. We can customize meeting times to suit your needs. In person visits are available as are all day video meetings focused on sales growth activities

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Other Sales Growth Sessions - Project Related or Hourly

  • Sales Strategy

  • Sales recruiting or hiring assistance, including onboarding

  • Turnaround initiatives

  • Sales and sales management training

  • Lead management - increase leads closed by more than 50%

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Get the support you need from a trained, certified sales coach, leadership coach and sales consultant, who has the hands on leadership experience as head of sales and marketing for divisions of 3 Fortune 1000 companies, national sales manager for 1 INC 500 startup and CEO of another company. 

You might not find another sales coach and consultant who can discuss and advise on sales and business affairs. 


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