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You Need a Sales Strategy and Sales Consulting Support

Sales Organizations Without Sales Strategy, Sales Coaching, and Best Sales Practices Will:

  1. Fail to achieve true sales growth potential - How can you expect to maximize sales performance unless your company and sales team have a sales plan and sales coaching? You wouldn't run your operations without a plan. Consider the sales organization part of its own operation.

  2. Lose business to competitors - Any company with a sales strategy and sales plan is more prepared to take your current and prospective customers. Companies with a sales strategy and sales plan will include a sales coaching regiment for their sales team

  3. Fail to hire and retain top producing salespeople - There is a method to find, hire, and retain top sales producers that few of your competitors follow. It includes sales coaching. 

Accelerate your sales growth. Start today! 

(37% to 100%  growth or more)

Achieve sales targets with your own customized program. We (you and us) decide the topics and action items at each meeting. Sessions often include:
  • Discussion and advice on recent ideas or needs that arise (any topic)
  • Goal setting
  • Managing to achieve goals
  • Business and sales strategy 
  • Managing to sales performance metrics
  • New customer acquisition
  • Sales growth with existing customers
  • Sales execution planning
  • Sales and support staffing
  • Sales integration with the rest of your company
  • Time management
  • Managing sales managers
  • Coaching sales managers
  • Sales coaching
  • Managing salespeople
  • Positive thinking
  • HR, Financial, Marketing and other important business topics (anything really)
Optional: Your CEO sales coach can serve as your business coach as needed to provide support for the rest of the company

Low Cost, High ROI

Why Saratoga Sales Consulting is Unique
  • Most sales coaches and sales consultants are trainers or project managers, with limited or no management experience, who want to sell training programs or manage projects.

  • We solve organization-wide sales challenges using experienced sales coaches, sales experts, executives who started as salespeople, then became sales managers, sales and marketing VP's, GM's and CEO's. 

  • Get Strategic Sales Consulting and Sales Coaching  support in each session from a real sales, marketing, and business expert.

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