More About Christopher Wallace

CEO Sales Coach and Sales Development Expert

  • Award Winning Sales Representative for a Fortune 1000 company

  • Award Winning Sales Manager for a Fortune 1000 Company

  • Former Head of Sales For a Start-Up that Achieved the #12 Ranking on INC Magazine's List of Fastest Growing Companies.

  • Turned Around 2 Divisions of Separate Fortune 1000 Companies as Head of Sales and Marketing

  • Former Owner of an award winning, 10 Employee Marketing Communications Firm

  • Found of Saratoga Sales Consulting



I am fully confident that we can find significant growth for your company. Any services provided to you are backed by my personal guarantee.  

I can help with a startup company, a turnaround, an acquisition, or a business looking for more growth from one or all sales departments. I work for companies that have a sales force. Multi-channel organizations are a lot of fun. I enjoy leveraging the benefits of sharing the customer activity and converting that activity into more business.

I can help companies in almost any industry achieve the growth they want. The tools and thought process I use to  deliver growth are industry neutral. My past experiences delivering growth for different companies through multiple sales channels in multiple industries include helping:

  • A startup communications business become the 12th fastest growing company in the United States, according to INC Magazine. I was the National Sales Manager

  • A manufacturing business that had flat sales performance in a declining industry grow sales and profit for 8 consecutive years.  I was a Vice President and P&L Manager

  • a 10 employee marketing communications firm that I acquired grow sales by 35 percent in the first year. 

  • a declining $130 million ad specialty company that lost $7.2 million in the prior year and achieved a $10 million profit improvement in the first year and double industry growth rates by year 3

Before these leadership jobs, I gained some great marketing knowledge and sales training when I started my career selling marketing services for two different companies. Again, my clients were typically CEO's and business owners. I always hit my sales targets as a sales manager and sales representative,  because I followed a sales process and worked hard. 

Reviews and References

My business philosophy is to keep my work and client's names confidential to protect them from any information that could help their competitors or hurt their relationship with their customers. Feel free to review my Linkedin profile, personal bio or resume to learn about my accomplishments with past employers. That will give you a general sense of my breadth of experience and how I can help you increase sales and lower selling costs to boost profit. 

Should we choose to do business together, I will gladly provide you with any confidential references that you require. 

Feel free to contact me to discuss any of your business needs or answer any questions that you may have. Feel free to schedule a 45 minute consultation with my compliments.

Thank you. 

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