Don't Let an Exaggerated Resume or Friendly Candidate Lead You to Hire the Wrong Salesperson.

Find and Telephone Qualify the Right Sales Candidates That Will Become Top Producers (this can be easy)

  1. Have you ever heard someone called a "born salesperson?"

    • There is no such thing as a born salesperson that can be identified based on any visual perceptions. That is a myth. Some of the best salespeople are introverts, have less than warm personalities and aren't considered attractive individuals. These are the characteristics most connected to that perception.

  2. If you have an internal recruiter specially trained to find salespeople?

    • If so, are they selecting sales candidates using the typical high risk and costly method of studying resumes and conducting face to face sales interviews?

    • What system do they follow that insures that only top producers are hired? 

  3. If you do not have an internal recruiter specially trained to find sales people then;

    • Provide special training to a staff member. Salespeople are the only employees whose performance is solely based upon achieving sales goals. Finding the best sales talent requires specialized knowledge that is not transferable from other occupations. Or:

    • Follow a system that will only consider qualified sales candidates, who are most likely to become top producers for your company.

Saratoga Sales Consulting offers a hiring solution that only considers candidates most likely to become top producers. 

  1. We can work with internal recruiters who do not have sufficient sales knowledge and help them find and select the right candidates for interviews.
  2. Or, we can act independently and send the most qualified sales candidates directly to your company.
  3. We are certified to train your company to find the best sales candidates. Therefore, we are qualified to find them for you.

We Send You Qualified Sales Candidates, Which Saves Your Company Time and Money Spent on Finding These Salespeople

Our Services Include 3 Options

  1. Telephone Interview - We conduct a 30 to 60 minute phone screen with the sole purpose of determining if the sales candidate possesses the qualifications and personal qualities for success as a sale representative or sales manager within your company. Send qualified candidates to you

  2. Candidate Search - Search the most popular sales candidate databases and/or Linkedin for qualified candidates. Conduct a Telephone Interview. Send qualified candidates to the client

  3. Conduct a sales Candidate Assessment that uses actual historical data to identify the best sales people. You take it from here, or we can combine this service with either the candidate search, the telephone interview, or both

Learn More About Phone Screening Sales Candidates

The best method to learn more about this service is to either contact us by phone or email or book a meeting. We will gladly answer all questions. We'll even provide some free tips on how best to screen your sales candidates

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