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Improve Your Company's Sales Talent For a Huge Increase in Sales Growth and Productivity. 


"If you want to be a good-to-great company, you have to first put the right people on the bus, get the wrong people off the bus and get the right people into the right seats.  Then you can drive the bus anywhere.” Jim Collins, author of "Good to Great"

Fix This and Grow!
According to Verified Data

The wrong salespeople are hired 75% of the time

95 % of sales managers are ineffective coaches

70 % of salespeople are ineffective

Understand Your Sales Team's Sales Talent

  1. Do your salespeople possess the Sales talent necessary to be successful? In other words, can they sell? Do they sell?

    • If not, can they learn to sell?​

  2. Do your salespeople have the will to do what it takes to be successful in a sales or sales manager role? They may know how to sell. Will they sell?

  3. Are your salespeople in the right sales roles? (field, inbound, outbound, retail). Some who struggle may thrive in a different sales role. 

  1. For salespeople with strong sales DNA and Will to Sell - Develop them with sales coaching

  2. For salespeople with low sales DNA or low will to sell - Reassign or fire them

  3. For salespeople with low sales DNA or low will to sell and are hitting their sales targets - Understand their future potential is limited - These salespeople typically work a large account or group of long term customers and generate little growth or few, if any, new customers. They probably do not have the necessary skill and/or will to sell needed to generate new customers. Be conservative on new business development initiatives with these individuals. Focus on developing the sales generators at your company unless you need account management services vs new business development activity

High ROI!

Find out which of your salespeople can perform two, three or even four times better! 

  1. Identify which salespeople have the potential to become top producers and provide an opportunity for them to generate accelerated sales growth. It is possible that you may have these types of salespeople. They may need more opportunity.

  2. Do not devote excess time to low producers unless they demonstrate strong sales potential. The ROI on bottom performers is usually low. Learn how to help top producers and high potential salespeople sell more and achieve rock star top sales performance from your sales organization

  3. Make sure your company provides strong coaching and sales management support to the entire sales team.

Saratoga Sales Consulting will help your company create a sales talent strategy to achieve an incremental sales increase of between 30% to more than 100% growth

  1. Hire salespeople and sales managers who will succeed

  2. Identify salespeople who can generate greater growth 

  3. Determine how to manage low producers and those lacking the sales skill and will to be successful in sales.

Our methods are unbiased

We use science to understand an individual or sales team's sales talent. Saratoga Sales Consulting uses a skill/will method to understand sales talent. We evaluate the skill or potential sales skill of a sales candidate. We also evaluate how badly the individual wants to be successful in a sales position at your company. We call it the "Will to Sell". In addition to our proprietary talent evaluation process, we are one of a limited group of companies certified to use sales talent analytics that can provide you an unbiased, science based approach to understanding your company's sales effectiveness and making the right recommendations.

Learn the potential sales growth opportunity for your company when managing sales talent more effectively

Find Out How Saratoga Sales Consulting Can Help You Achieve Your Company's Sales and Profit Growth Potential

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