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Hire Salespeople Who Can Sell and Will Sell

Most New Sales Hires Fail. 77% Do Not Succeed

  • Did you know that 77% of all new sales hires either leave within 6  months or fail to hit their sales targets in the first year?

  • That's Expensive. How much does a failed salesperson cost your company?

High Sales Skill
Low Will to Sell
  • Can't Sell

  • High Sales Commitment

  • Can't Sell

  • Low Sales Commitment 

Can Sell

Will  Sell

  • Can Sell

  • Low Sales Commitment

High Will to Sell
Low Sales Skill

Select Only These  Candidates To Interview for Sales or Sales Leadership Positions At Your Company

Transition from a 77% failure rate to a 92% success rate!
Use our Skill/Will sales talent analytics based system to find and hire salespeople.
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